Monday, February 11, 2013

Season 8, Episode 16: "Bad Crazy"

Okay! Sorry if this is lame, I am so tired's Monday night and I am lazy person.
Anyway, this episode was pretty good. It was funny and had some sweet moments, and some coolness with the character personalities and such so I am satisfied. I think the rest of this season will be pretty nice.
Also, B&T wrote this episode, the one before it, and the one after it. We have no change in writers for a while. I have no idea if you care, but I thought it was some fun trivia. 

Ted was being such a weirdo, I loved it. It was classic Mosby, date the crazy girl and then "break up with her". Was anyone else reminded of Ted's "break up" with Stella in the season 3 finale? The guy seriously needs to learn how to end a relationship.

This Jeanette girl is one of the more insane of Ted's girls, and we saw all of them at the start of the episode, so to say she is more insane is a serious assumption. I'm terrified to see how they end up in that position with everyone under Ted's apartment with burning objects falling on them. Should be a fun story. Plus, the fact that she is the last girl Ted dates before meeting the mom really hits home, doesn't it? We are really nearing the end.
Barney and Marshall worked the funniness (that's actually a word. Thought ya'll should know.) tonight with all their little interjections and such. I laughed myself to hysteria when they opened the door and saw Jeanette standing there.

I'm right there with Robin. I don't like babies at all, but it was sweet to see her change her mind a bit, especially at the end of the episode. She and Marvin will be buddies one day, I think, even though at this point her attachment to him is borderline-psychotic...or not...I keep forgetting about Jeanette and actual psychotic, so I take that back. I also liked the stuff with Lily in the future. Those ladies are aging well, no? That was a joke but I feel like I conveyed it badly. Did anyone check for a ring on Robin? I know people like to do that.

-"You're in love with Lily!" "Did Lily leave these here?"
-Red cowboy boots. One of my friends got some purely because of HIMYM, they don't actually look that bad on someone who is not in your TV.
-The wrestler guy holding Marvin! I forgot his name and now I feel like a moron...I told you guys I was tired, okay!
-But at first it was an old black lady which was awesome. I feel like she would not have taken Robin and Marvin into a strip club though so Lily was the one just being clueless.
-Ted is the only single one now. Poor Ted.
-The montage of all Ted's girls. 


AndrewsMind said...

At least his break-up with Jeanette was better than Robin's break-up with PJ - That was excruciatingly horrible...

The boxer's name is Mike Tyson...

Also, I did check for a ring on her finger, and I didn't see one sadly...

AndrewsMind said...

i think season 8 is full of really horrible episodes on their own, but when you see the next few afterwards they make Lobster Crawl and The Over-Correction. I remember HATING those episodes, but once The Final Page came out, they became my favourite episodes of the season.

Also, I reckon the kids being at the start of the episode might hint that this is an important episode in the story arc.

I'm sad that there was no Hot/Crazy Scale, but the "What does Barney do for a living?" line made up for it...and the sword...and the boots...and the CAAAAAWP line...(where's that from, anyway?)