Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Season 8. Episode 17: "The Ashtray"

Sorry I'm late! I promise I had a good reason this time. . .ya'll can blame the government and police and ughhh, I don't want to get into it. Either way, I ended up missing HIMYM until now and it sucked. However, I actually liked this episode for the most part. The Captain was one of my favorite parts of season 6 and when I heard of his return, I was very excited.

This episode had a lot to do with Lily and her aspiration to be a painter, which is something we have seen since season 1. I am happy that she is finally getting somewhere with it, but I really hope that this doesn't mean there will be no more kindergarten teacher Lily. I always liked that part of her character.

Ted and his sandwich and Becky were quite funny. I see we got a lot of season 6 re-returns tonight. You know, I live in Colorado, so if Ted really wanted to eat his sandwich with no issues he could come and visit me. The "boats boats boats" ad was always so stupid but the way they used it here was actually pretty funny. And I think Marshall is right. She likes boats and he's the Captain. . .sounds like some good compatibility to me.

Robin did about as much as Ted, but it was still funny. I was laughing at her silliness and trying to seduce the Captain. And speaking of the Captain, I would be quite alright with them getting his ex-wife back on the show, maybe just for an episode. I know JMo is really busy with ONCE right now, but getting her on somehow would be really cool. I was flipping through season 6 last week and I realized I really liked Zoey for a while there. I'd like to see her back again.

Marshall was just there being Marshall, and at the end helping Lily discover herself and whatnot. 

And Barney had one of his lovely Barney moments in which he reveals his insecurities to the group and everyone decides to be nice to him for a bit.

-Becky and the Captain's return.
-Barney constantly trying to be in the story.
-The elephant painting? I didn't totally understand that.
-Ted's sandwich consumption and Robin's drunkenness.
-Callback to the idea that weed is a sandwich. I always liked that one.
-Callback to the playbook at the end. 

That's all from me! See ya'll next time!

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