Friday, September 30, 2011


Warning: this contains a big spoiler/ I told you so. Also, I could be wrong, so don't 100% take my word for it.

Now, if you're still reading, I assume you don't care. Before I tell you the huge spoiler, I'm going to let you know it has to do with this girl:

So...Barney and Nora. I told you it didn't work out, correct? Well...I was right. Episode after next marks the end. Why? Well here is what spoilersguide has to say about it:

  • When Marshall witnesses his boss’s soft approach in settling with a million dollar company, he takes matters into his own hands.
  • Meanwhile, Ted takes his architecture class on a field trip and things don’t go as planned.
  • Is it a deal breaker when Barney finds out Nora’s real age and that she doesn’t like the movie Star Wars.
And, while I'm happy to be seeing the end of Nora (its not that I don't like her, I'm just a huge BRo supporter, so try not to kill me.), that Star Wars thing seriously reminded me of Stella...woah...deja vu guys. And now I'm super curious about her age. Maybe she's older than him! Haha, probably not. Still...crazy. 
I'm terrified to see Marshall take matters into his own hands...that usually doesn't go well...perhaps it has something to do with Garrison Coots' big secret that should be revealed?
Teds field trip should be very funny :)
This episode is entitled "The Field Trip" and there are no promo photos yet. There are, however, promo photos for the upcoming episode "The Stinson Missile Crisis." Observe. Caption underneath.

jeez, way to douche it up, Barney. Poor Robin :'(

God, way to be a BIGGER douche. This one made me super sad. 
Robin in her therapy session.  Spoiler: shes in it because she beat up a girl trying to sabotage Barneys relationship...God only knows why.

This was mega-interesting to me...neither of them looks happy. Do you think Nora's onto Robin?

Probably the result of Barney's douchiness!!! What a jackass!!!

Sandy Rivers!!!!

Robin at work...not super interesting to me. 

And there she is at her therapist Barney is seriously messing up her life! Why can't they just BE TOGETHER. Timings a bitch. 

Sorry this is such a big ass post.

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