Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Spoilers for "Symphony of Illumination"'s what you've all been waiting for...THE PROMO! I would've had it way earlier but I've been rehearsing for this huge audition till like 11 every night so this is the first time I've seen it :)
And, get this, SBC has broken FIVE THOUSAND so thanks a ton :) My counter's running out of numbers. 
And, Barney, seriously, I love you, but it's like YOU'RE A TOTAL DUMBASS SOMETIMES. And Robin...some on punching never solves anything. :p
Oh! And I have this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek for you all :)
I'm really exited, especially because this is a Joe Kelly episode, and those are always my favorites ("Naked Man", "Baby Talk" etc...)
And may I just brag that I totally knew that Robin and Kevin never had sex? I've been thinking it ever since "The Rebound Girl" and I did a little fist pump when I found out I was right.
And I know I always said I knew it was Barney's, but it's such a relief to hear for sure so, thanks B&T
Although...I'm 95% sure Robin miscarries which sucks a little :(

I've got something!!!! It's a link a lot like the one I already posted but I feel like it has a little more info...
So, if you were too lazy to click on that, it basically said that we will be dealing with a death (nooooo! not again! what happened to that promise about this season being less emotional?!) , a new girl named Quinn (she'd better be really awesome if they're hoping to phase BR lovers), a wedding (duh), reashuffling of the group (I hope they do a good job with that...), a delivery (Lily or Robin?), and the identity of a titular (I'm gonna have to look up that word...excuse my dumbassery) mama.
And just so we're clear, that last part of the article was a joke....I think.

Hey! So I've been looking up a ton of spoilers and it's impossible to find anything. Promo and photos are STILL not up, to answer the anonymous comment. But you can bet I'll have them up the second they come out.
The girl who WILL be playing Robin's daughter on Monday finally admitted to me that, yeah, she did play her. Bitch really pissed me off though. I spent all this time trying to see if she was messing with me or not.
So, I really haven't found anything, but I'm not done looking so see you soon :)
And they're showing 2 season 6 episodes tonight on CBS LOL.

EDIT: Okay so after my huge day of black friday shopping from 5-10AM I took it upon myself to get some more info for next week and let me tell you it is damn frustrating.
I'm going to see if I can look up a synopsis because apparently they can give you major spoilers, but so far all I have done is been a huge creeper by posting on the actors of Robin's future children's facebook pages. I usually wouldn't do that but I need some kind of information about next week so I can at least try to formulate some theories.
What I did find out is that Barney new girlfriend is someone he'll be even more serious about than Nora. But, again, he's in such a vulnerable place right now, and the writers are going to have to work very hard to change the opinions of the crazy BRo lovers, because I know I won't settle for a new girl easily.
And unfortunately, finding promo photos is like looking for a needle in a haystack right now, so I'm sorry these are photoless D:
So anyway, I'll be trying to keep you posted on this wonderful black I'm off to ruin an episode for everyone...prepare to be spoiled!!

I think I've said before that although I'm a crazy spoiler junkie, I'm not always totally reliable so don't totally take my word for it.
Well Happy Thanksgiving, all! Although, I'm probably not the only one whos thought of nothing but HIMYM since monday. So today, while I was waiting for my new video montage to download (I'll be putting it on my youtube soon) I did some spoiler scouting, and here's was I found out:
-This will be the first episode ever when we see Robin's kids...and they are not Indian so Kevin is not their dad.
-Robin gets some bad news and tries to hide it from the group. Marshall gets help from his new neighbor decorating for Christmas.
-Kevin is not featured in the episode as far as I know.
-Bays has talked about what's to come next week on (thats a real site...I know.) Here's a link to the interview:
So we aren't done with Kevin yet! That should probably make me mad but I'm actually exited!
Although, a very unreliable source told me Kevin is staying for the remainder of the show, but based on the interview, and this person's history of making up stories...I'd say his days with the cast are numbered.

That's all I've got for now...but you can expect this post to be updated regularly :)


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I found a promo video for the next episode. Here is the link: