Monday, November 21, 2011

Season 7, Episode 11: The Rebound Girl

*SILENCE*-Realization at the end of the episode 
Damn. I'm not the first to get a review up...but I blame my lame friend who caused my phone to start ringing three seconds after the episode ended.
So, sorry BR haters, but you will be dealing with a very chirpy reviewer today.
I didn't have high hopes for this episode, mostly because the last two were so awesome...especially "Tick, Tick, Tick." And in all honesty it wasn't a good episode, but HIMYM is good at taking a crappy episode and making it all tie together in an amazing finish...but more on that later.

So, I guess I'll start with Marshall and Lily. To me, their segment was a little boring. But, I know the feeling of your house shrinking...or I guess for me it was growing. When I was a kid my uber-rich suburban parents decided to look for houses in Denver because I was about to start going to school there as a wee little sixth grader, and I swear to god when we got back our house got like ten times bigger. Anyway, Marshall and Lily were pretty irrelevant in this episode. I don't want them to move...I feel like their apartment is a part of the show...the biggest mistake Marshall ever made and all that.
Okay, so next up: Ted and Barney. Here's my problem: Ted knew Barney is/was in love with Robin, but he didn't say a damn kind of messed with the end of the previous episode. Maybe It wasn't that big of a deal, but it pissed me off a little. The bro parenting thing makes total sense on paper, however chick parenting is a death trap. Girls need a guy to keep them from going crazy. And I liked the whole "how great would it be to be gay" bit. Well played irony, B&T, well played indeed. And honest to God, if Ted and Barney were my bro parents, I'd be the happiest kid on earth.

And finally, of course, Robin. I wondered what was up with her all through the episode. But I thought she was all depressed because she broke up with Kevin and now Barney was on this bro parenting kick...but oh no! But, I'll try to work my way up to that. I think we all knew something was up with her through the whole episode...but what did you think it was? Did any of you call it, cause I sure didn't?  The moment with Marshall in the window was adorable! Really awesome, they make great friend even though we don't see that much of them.
Okay, now it's time for me to go crazy again. I never in a million years would have predicted it! And, as much as all you BR haters would like to deny it...that is definitely Barney kid. I'm really just confused about it. I mean, I want them together...but I'm not sure if this is how I want it to happen. Since Barney's wedding is supposed to be at the end of the season, is Robin pregnant on her wedding day? That would be a little weird, no?  And now we have TWO pregnant chicks in the circle of friends.
And what does this mean for Kevin? Did she tell him already? I she going to try to hide it until he finds out and then tell him it's his? The second one seems a little heartbreakish to Barney. I mean, how does he feel about this? Does this mean he won her? Will they even get married? Is Robin going to be walking around with his kid for all eternity, never telling him who his dad is? Pull a Loretta Stinson on the poor kid? (I say 'he' because sometime in the immediate future, we will be seeing the Stinson/Sherbatsky babies. A blond boy, and a brunette girl. But who knows, make the girl could be the first born. )
I basically making you guys fill out a questionnaire for this, so I'll shut up.

-Guy the Guy Guy.
-Robin screaming in the bathroom.
-"It's still a good idea!"
-"Don't worry he/I did something crazy"

All I know is that it's called "Queen of the Furrow" and that it won't premiere until December 2nd :(

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