Monday, September 26, 2011

Season 7, episode 3: The Ducky Tie

Maybe that's not the reaction you were left with...but its the one I got. I don't want to get into it now, but...I'll just say it left me with a horrible feeling in my gut.
So, lets just talk about Marshall, Lily, and Barney.
So, I'm a little confused...did Barney see Lilys boobs or not? Somebody needs to clear this up for me. Anyway, this was really interesting. I liked how Barney sneezed whenever Marshall said "Shinjitzu." And, also, did that ducky tie remind you of Don or was that just me?
Okay, I can't take this! I have to go crazy about the ending. So...are they seriously telling us that it doesn't work out between Ted and the mother because of Robin? NO! absolutely not! I will not allow this! I have spent way too long on my BRo wishes for them al
l to be crushed in ten seconds. NO. I refuse to believe this. They aren't seriously telling us there's going to be a Ted-Robin ending, are they? I have watched this show way too much for that. WAY too much. So...they're saying that Ted meets the mother but it doesn't work out because of Robin? But what about Barney and Robin!? What about the 2500 members of the Robin-Barney fan club? WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO MEEEE!!!!????? Now I understand that some of you
, are thrilled, so yay for you. And while, yes, Ted and Robin are a great couple, if they end up together I'm going to be so upset. Seriously. I'm crying a little bit right now. Plus, what about Ted and Victoria? I've always loved them together way more than Ted and Robin! How can she get engaged? Plus, um, she said all his relationships didn't work out because of Robin. but what about Stella? She left him at the altar! And Zoey? that was alllll Barney.
Oh crap....this is really freaking me out guys. I'm going to have to make some phone calls and try my best to get over this.
Okay, this section of my review has been posted 20 minutes later from the I just got off the phone with a few friends, and I have a new theory. Well, first off I would like to admit that I am a pessimist. I mean, I seemed to be the only person crazy enough to believe the above. Okay, so after a fifteen minute conversation with my best friend and a five minute one with someone who missed the end of the episode, I realized that Victoria might have actually been saying that BARNEY and Robin wind up together. At least, thats how both the people I talked to interpreted it. So, Victoria said (and pardon me if this isn't perfect) "That whole 'three exes hanging out' it's not going to work out. Somebody's going to get feelings." and Ted said, "Kids. She was right. It didn't work out." Plus. he keeps referring to her as "Aunt Robin." Kind of a weird thing to call your stepmom, no? 
So...Now I'm going to do a real review, as opposed to a huge rant.
I forgot to talk about Ted and Victoria. Well, wasn't the whole point of this episode to get some closure? But she just walked off. How do we know for sure if the guy proposed? I mean, will there be more Victoria in next weeks episode? ("The Stinson Missle Crisis"). I just feel like we didn't get the closure we were promised. Though, that kiss in the kitchen was fantastic and brought tears to my eyes (I'm saying that a lot lately...try not to think I'm such a sappy, drama queen, romantic. Or, ya know...a Ted.). I just really liked it. I've always been a fan of Ted and Victoria.
As a way of explanation, you guys would probably like to know that the first HIMYM episode I ever saw was "Zip, Zip, Zip." I guess that explains my Robin-Barney/Ted-Victoria loving status.
Anyway...peace out suckers!!
Quote of the Episode: "She was right, it didn't work out"-Ted



Irving Mtz said...

Well, I highly doubt that Ted and Robin will end up together because it has been so clearly stated throughout the show (even on the premiere). We should look at the facts and notice that what Victoria said and future Ted's acknowledgement of such thing have a different and better meaning than our first reactions and instincts. This is how I see it (this is just a small possibility and example to give all of us some hope): Maybe Robin and Barney do end up together, and, since they will have space for themselves and maybe the chemistry between Ted and Robin would at this point be absolutely over, Ted will be able to open his eyes to reality and be a new kind of Ted for the his future wife (which she will be able to see). Again, I do not know what is going to happen but the facts are there, and we cannot be lied to, so keep your hopes up for I really believe that everything is going to end up as it is supposed to be (as of now, let yourselves be emotionally bullied by the show creators lol). ;)

robinsparkles14 said...

@Irving Mtz:
actually, I'd like to thank you and my best friend. Because I just called her with my insane rant and she laughed and told me "Sam, are you an idiot? she was saying Robin and Barney end up together!" this made me review the dialogue in my head, and when I repeated it to a friend who missed the end, I realized that WAS what she was saying...and this comment has only made that more clear, so thanks :)