Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ghosts of Girlfriends from Ted's Past

Wow, this is a FUNNY video. It will be in "The Ducky Tie," which the creators say is probably one of their best episodes.

Sooo, who wants to hear me recite ALL the girls in the video, because I actually can.
1. Maury Povich (callback from "Subway Wars")
2. Stella (left Ted at the alter, seasons 3/4)
3. Zoey-Ted's girlfriend season 6
4. Karen- Teds college girlfriend. Appeared in season 4.
5. Girl who beat you up- Natalie. Season 1, "Return of the Shirt"
6. girl who ruined a photo with Slash- Season 5, "Say Cheese."
7. girl who got you a butterfly tattoo- Amy. "Wait for It"
8. Girl who shared a bed with with her brother- I wanna say....Royce. "The Wedding Bride" season 5.
9. Girl who did porn- Season 1, "Return of the Shirt"
10. Girl who ran over the hitchhiker- Also from "Return of the Shirt" I think they said her name was Jackie. 
11. girl with crazy eyes- Jennine, "Swarley"
12. Girl who gave you throw pillow, the lame, and 12 mix CDs- All from season2. "Stuff"
13. Girl Barney slept with first-I think they mean Stacy from "Little Boys" but I'm not sure because Barney didn't ACTUALLY sleep with her first...
14. Girl who wouldn't stop talking- Cathy, "Spoiler Alert" season 3.
15. Girl you made out with on St. Patty's day- Ashley. "No Tomorrow"
16. Girl who took your virginity- Molly Mackenzie, featured in "First Time in New York" season 2.
17. Just using you to get back at her ex, way too into sci-fi- Both from "Say Cheese" season 5.
18. Girl Barney hired to play his wife- Betty/Margaret "The Stinsons" season 4.
19. Girl he texted too soon- Holli, "The Three Days Rule" season 4.
20. went on 2 blind dates with- Jen, "Double Date" season 5.
21. Girl whose name you can't remember- Blah Blah, "How I Met Everyone Else" season 3.
22. Militant hippie vegan- it's actually Strawberry, from "Say Cheese" season 5. sorry I got this wrong before. 
23. Naked manned- Vicky, "The Naked Man" season 4.
24. The girls in alleged three way- Trudy and....I don't know, "The Third Wheel" season 3.
25. Slutty Pumpkin- Girl from halloween party. "Slutty Pumpkin" season 1.
26. Coat check girl- "Okay Awesome," season 1. Played by Jayma Mays (Emma on Glee.)
27. Girl who thought was a hooker- Mary. "Mary the Paralegal" season 1.
28. perfect match- Dr. Sarah O'Brien "Matchmaker" season 1.
29. dumped on her birthday- Natalie again
30. kept you on the hook- Tiffany. "Hooked" season 5. Played by Carrie Underwood
31. worked at the GNB cafeteria- Louisa. "Old King Clancy." season 4.
32. always in a relationship- Maggie Wilks, "The Window" season 5.
33. killed your turtle- "Little Boys" season 3.

I hope I impressed you all! Feel free to correct me if you want.
Also, just some trivia, HIMYM gives all their bimbos names, so on their resumes they can put "Stacy" instead of "Girl #1" or something. I just thought this was interesting.
alsoooo....2 days until "Ducky Tie" can't wait!

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Niaz said...

I've seen barney wearing ducky tie in episode 4's pictures . that means sadly , he will lose the bet with lily and he must wear ducky tie for " A YEAR " !!