Monday, September 19, 2011

Season 7 episode 2: The Naked Truth

Alright. So, I'm not going to lie and say I loved it because I didn't. And maybe that's because I'm a tough critic but still. The episode just wasn't that good. I think this was mostly because of Stephen Lloyd, who wrote this episode, along with the four worst episodes in the history of the show. So why on earth would they let him write the follow up to the premiere? Are they crazy?
Okay, so let's start with Ted. I was actually really exited to see him as, like, a ladies man. But then he had to go all...well...Ted on us. Anyway, the charts he made were funny as hell. One reached for the check. Great callback from "Double Date." AND OF COURSE, Victoria!! I knew she way coming back because I'm a huge spoiler junkie, but it just took me by surprise. I know she's not going to become a huge part of the show again, but she was such a great match for Ted. I'm really exited to see more of her.

So now for the Marshall part. I think we all knew he'd get that job eventually. Let's just be exited for him. 
I had to make that one short because I've got another rant for you all. Now, okay. I used to be OK with Nora, I even liked her a little bit, but now I hate her. And not because she's destroying my Robin-Barney wishes. No. I hate her because she is killing off the Barney we all fell in love with. Even when he was in love with Robin...Hell, even when he was DATING Robin, he was still Barney. Now he's like a whole different person. He's not Barney anymore. He's like...Ted or something. I can't wait for Nora to be gone. Because, yes, it was all about timing. She showed up when he was vulnerable, and now Robin has missed her shot. DAMMIT. 
Anyway, that's all my crap, what did you think of "The Naked Truth?"
Oh! I almost forgot! Thank you soooooooooooo much for helping me break a thousand by the premiere! lets aim for two thousand as soon as possible!

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Anonymous said...

I loooved the Nora+Barney bits! I <3 them togehter!