Monday, October 3, 2011

Season 7 episode 4: The Stinson Missile Crisis

Alrighty! Well, it was good. It didn't make the list, but it was good. Of course, all I did the whole time was scream "win him back!" at the TV, but maybe you all have different opinions.

So, we'll start with Robin and her therapist. So, as huge a BRo supporter I am, I like this guy. He seems like a good fit for her...even though I'm not rooting hard for it to work out, I wouldn't mind seeing them together for a while. Also, I wasn't sure about Robin haircut at first but ya know what, I like it. It suits her.
Next, Barney and Nora. Okay, Nora might be nice, pretty, and cool...but I do not like her. She is seriously killing all of my hopes and dreams! Plus, the fact that she's tormenting Robin so much (even though it's not intentional, I know) is pissing me off! At this point, I'd be happy if Barney married anyone but her. It's almost like the writers are TRYING to make us hate I've ruled her out as an option altogether.
Finally, Ted, Marshall, and Lily. Well, I laughed my ass off at the end! Lewis and Clark...and their canoe :) awesome! Ted's always a third wheel...but he's becoming more irrelevant in his own story. Oh well, I bet it all comes together in the end, right Robin? Also, a few things i forgot to mention. Check out: &
And...there's a new running theory:
Marshall is at the casino when Lily is in labor (its Barney's bachelor party.) You like?
Quote of the episode: "If you love someone, you have to let them be happy"-Ted (I'm not saying I agree with this)
Did it make this list?: No. But it came somewhat close.
Someday I'm going to post "the list."

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