Monday, October 10, 2011

Season 7, episode 5: Field Trip

Quote of the episode: "I can't be your therapist anymore...I think you're cute"-Robin/Kevin
 List-making quality?: No. Sorry.
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Alright. So, In my humble opinion, this was not a great episode. It was aggressively OK. Although I LOVED the Ted portion of it...that was hilarious. I also like Robin and Kevin together, even though I know it doesn't work out (he's only signed for 6 episodes). I also liked Marshall's piece in the episode.  The thing with the E-WOKS (I don't think I spelled that right, sorry I've never seen Star Wars...) was very funny, I laughed a lot. And the Nora, she just gets harder to tolerate every episode...

So I'll start with Ted/Barney. The field trip was really funny, easily my favorite part of the episode. I loved how they wouldn't let him into the building...then they listened to Barney talk about e-woks...then they went to Ted and Robin's apartment...then they looked at windows....then there was a German family...then they took surveys ("if a girl lies about her age should you break up?"-all hands go up-"what if you lied to her at the beginning of your relationship?"-hands go down-"What if she made a huge deal about how you shouldn't lie to each other?"-hands go back up-"What if she's hot?"-hands go down-"who wants ten bucks?"-all hands shoot up. Fabulous part of the episode)...and then they wound up at MacLarens...and somebody finally wanted to be an architect...but became a DJ. Oh! okay! I just watched it again and I just realized what they were trying to do when they said "Jacob or Edward?" and then at the end "Jacob James Almos"..."Edward James Almos"..."Jacob!"..."Edward!"...."Jacob!"..."Edward!" If you still don't get it, it was a Twilight parody.
Next, Marshall. The conversation in the office was pretty epic. I even began to believe we were all going to die...oh no! And I'm pretty exited to see how he saves the world. That should be very great. Plus, for once he didn't mess up anything by taking the law into his own hands. I was also really exited by the ultrasound. Of course, we all know the baby is going to be a boy ("Last Cigarette Ever"), but still cool. Also...THE FISH LIST! that was a fantastic callback from "Old King Clancy"
Now, Robin/Kevin. I really do like them together. I know I usually come across as really opinionated and little little too Barney-Robin crazed...but I can see something really good coming out of this Robin-Kevin thing (by the way, does anyone have a good nickname for Robin-Kevin?). Although, I'm always hoping for a BRo finish. But I do have one question: what happened to Robin's crush? I'm still waiting on that.
Finally, Nora. They have given me yet another episode where I did NOT like her. She was really just...annoying. And she kind of made Barney annoying too. I know we'll see her for at least another two episodes but I'm so hoping we can move on from her and see the other candidates for the bride, and also get into the BRotp stuff. And on a somewhat-related note...did anyone else notice how Barney seemed really jealous when he saw Robin and her therapist on the couch at the apartment? Maybe that was just me. Also, wouldn't that be super weird for Kevin to see Barney...the guy he knew Robin was still kind of swooning over? can check out promo photos of next weeks episode at: Mystery vs. History Stills
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So, any other thoughts on "Field Trip"?

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