Monday, October 17, 2011

Season 7, episode 6: Mystery vs. History

"Sometimes you have to decide, Mystery or History"-Future Ted
well, I'll start by saying this was not list-making quality by a long shot, but it wasn't my least favorite episode of the season. There will be more episodes like this because this same writer is doing the next two episodes, so we'll see how that goes. And, I'm sorry my format keeps changing, I'm trying to figure it out. So, lets get started, eh?

So, I'll start with Robin and Kevin. I didn't like them nearly as much in this episode. And that sucks, because I was seriously starting to think they were a great couple...but I'm not sure if they totally click, ya know? Anyway, Kal Penn has signed for only 6 episodes, so there will be a breakup in our future. 
Now, the Ted part. That girl he was with seemed really cool, but the fact that she was only in one episode reminded me way too much of "The Wedding Bride." Blech. I don't know. Ted's becoming super irrelevant in his own story. I just hope they can start bringing him in again. 
Marshall and Lily: obviously, we all knew they were having a boy, but I seriously wish we didn't. Nothing like a good mystery, right? It just sucks that they gave it away. But it was definitely a cute moment when they found out. 
And, finally, Barney. He didn't steal the whole episode, for once. But I liked his bonding time with Robin over the laptops. Even as friends, they're great together. And, does anyone else find it weird that Kevin is totally fine with being around Barney and that Robin is suddenly over him? Oh, well. An episode without Nora is a good one to me. 

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