Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Noretta...Cloaked in Mystery

This is pretty much me admitting defeat. You've probably figured out by now that I am the biggest spoiler junkie ever...but I'm having trouble gathering ANY info on next weeks episode. I found some photos, but they were about the size of ants. So, for now. I have no information whatsoever. I apologize for letting you down. HOWEVER, I will keep you posted if I discover anything else.
OK! here's what I've got, after like 20 minutes of searching:
So, basically everyone in the gang realizes that their romantic partners remind them of their parents.
Janet will return.
So will a whole bunch of previous guest stars who played the gangs family :)
I thought Nora was meeting Barney's mom, but I guess not :(
Anyway, their plans fail epically. But,seriously. It's not very Barney-like to put up with Nora making him wait so long for sex. I mean, they are dating now right?
Also, just as a side note: you may have noticed B&T are adding a shitload of characters to the cast lately. Do you know why? Well, I have a guess. Perhaps its to keep our minds away from gathering too much information about Barney's wedding. And remember, Robin still has her crush, who I guess comes into play after Kevin is over and done with. All I know is that these characters are here to distract us from the obvious outcome of the wedding: Robin and Barney.
And I'm sorry my posting has been so lazy. On Monday I watched "Into the Wild" and it's been picking at my brain all week. If you haven't seen it you definitely should, it's an amazing film. Anyway, I won't get into it. If I do I'll wind up with the longest post in history summarizing the whole movie.
So, anyway. See you all on Monday!

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