Monday, October 24, 2011

Season 7, Episode 7: Noretta

"Because my mom's the best person I know, and if Nora's anything like her then I'm a lucky guy."-Barney

And we're back! Before I even begin I'm going to let you know you're reading a recap written by a girl who cried for two hours this morning. You might remember that in my previous post I told you I'd started watching "Into the Wild" in my Literature class on Thursday. Well today we finished it so I've been a little crazed all day.  Again, if you haven't seen the film, that's your assignment for the week.
So, did this episode turn my depressed state around? Um...hell yes!  Wow! really awesome episode. I mean, it didn't give us any clues or monumental changes but I LOVED it. Kept me laughing for the first time today.
So, I'll start with Robin and Kevin. As much as I do like Kevin, I'm really not buying their whole relationship. I mean, wouldn't they talk about the Barney thing? And it was weird to me that he was more worried about TED and Robin than Robin and Barney, unless he totally missed that face she made when Barney talked about banging Nora. I mean, seriously, the whole thing is unbelievable. And by that I don't mean ridiculous, I mean not-believable.

Next, Marshall and Lily. They really are adorable, they make HIMYM really solid. Their part was pretty minor in this episode (well, everyone's was a minor episode.) but I think they're really becoming...I don't know...more present in the show. And I laughed my ass off about Lily reminding Marshall of his dad.

Ted. Well, this just proves that my constant spoiler updates aren't always correct. I DID read that Janet would return but I guess not. I sincerely apologize for my incorrectness.

Finally...the grand finale...Barney and Nora. I liked her a little bit more in this episode than I have previously. She wasn't quite as bothersome. Still, I'm not gonna lie, I did yell a triumphant "YES!" when James said he didn't like Barney with her. And by the was, did anyone else say ewwww at the look on her face when the rat was on her head. I mean, sorry, but she looked so...ugly. And also gross when her tooth was knocked out. And, I'm gonna be a snob for a second, she has the most nasally, ugly singing voice I have ever heard. And I've been majoring in vocal music at a performing arts high school for almost four years now. Wow, I really just douched it up apologies. BUT you may have missed an important clue...not everyone can fit in the bar booth, so one of two things will have to happen: 1. Robin leaves the group and Barney's wife becomes her replacement (wow...that's more sad than I thought it would be.) OR 2. Robin marries Barney and the booth remains the way it should (wow...that's more happy than it should be.) what do you think?

-"GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD!" Damn, that's hypocritical coming from someone whos been crying over someone she's never met dying...but that busted me up for like five minutes.
-All the callbacks to previous characters with Ted's phonecalls (Stuart, Claudia, Natalie, Brad...). I think he should have called Victoria.
-Seeing their significant other as their parents

"Perfect on Paper" written by Tami Sagher
Slutty Pumpkin (Katie Holmes) makes an appearance.
Can you believe they're doing an episode ON Halloween? I'm warning you that I may be going to some parties or haunted houses with friends so my recap most likely won't be on time, but lucky for you, I download episodes directly after they air so it won't be too devastatingly late. And I'll put up a placeholder.
And I almost forgot! Promo photos for next week can be found here: Perfect on Paper Promo Photos

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