Monday, January 21, 2013

Season 8, Episode 14: "Ring Up"

I really liked this episode. It was very well-rounded, and really funny. I was satisfied with it completely, more so than last week because we didn't have to deal with a backwards-moving plotline.

 The thing with Robin was funny, especially the cheesy musical number. I also appreciated the end, when she realized that it's worth it to give up free stuff for someone you love. I liked what they did with it because it explored the Barney/Robin relationship more and proved that it is something that can work.

HIMYM writers are so good at killing out theories. So, that rules out Carly as the mother, so I hope ya'll have some more guesses as to who she actually is. It was a funny plotline though, even with Ted being so desperate, which is getting a little bit depressing. Oh well. He has the rest of this season and next to figure it out (since yes, HIMYM has been renewed for another season, as one of you so helpfully pointed out).

Marshall and Lily were also funny in this episode, with the stupid leather cuff and all that. I do think leather is a weird thing to be allergic to though; there must have been something else in that cuff. And Lily's mom jeans...interesting touch, writers.

Barney was a lot like Robin in this episode, and I really liked how he said he knew she was the only girl he wanted, even if not being able to have anymore one-night-stands sucked for him. It was a nice way to prove how much the character is changing. Having him attempt to get Ted and Carly married was the writers way of trolling us, I think.

-"Ted, I don't wanna be rude, but you disgust me."
-Even though she's not the mom, Ted did get to bang Carly.
-Carly is a 20-year-old hipster/punk...with an old man fetish.
-Robin's musical number
-"And you sent me a dead possum!" "He died!? Are you sure?" "He smells like Marshall's hand."

All in all, a really nice episode, and I hope for more like this. Leave your thoughts, and I'll see you all soon!

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Awesome episode!