Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Season 8, Episode 13: "Band or DJ?"

Ok guy so im doing Robin a favour as she hasn't seen this episode yet so im sorry if it sucks

Himym back at its best! So we last saw Ted finding the courage to let Robin go and paving the way for her and Barney to be together. This led to one of the most memorable tv proposals to date as Barney pulled off "The Robin" and the episode ended with the two of them getting engaged.
And now this episode started off with Ted receiving the daunting text message telling him his ex was engaged to his best (one of his best) friends. This brought around some heartbreak for Ted who quickly channeled his focus to wedding preparations for the newly engaged couple.

This made way for some hilarious moments and awesome use of metaphors (you'll get it when you watch).

Lily and Marshall continued the multi-task of being parents to Marvin and being friends to the gang and Ted in particular. Cue an emotional and powerful scene between Ted and Lily in which they both reveal how they really feel.

Ray Wise returned as Robin's father and had his say on her engagement to Barney and his blonde hair!

As did Rachel Bilson with her lesbian girlfriend and we realise how big of an impact she had on Ted meeting his future wife:)

Overall, this episode was awesome! I've heard a lot of people say this season hasn't been so good but I'm telling ya, this episode was himym at its best! The story, acting, emotions, humour and ending was just simply amazing!!

Greatest moments:
- Barney attempting to shoot a rabbit
- Ted and Lily's heart to heart
- Ted meeting Cindy
- The last scene

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Anonymous said...

Is the mother Barney's sister?? And what is her name?!