Monday, December 17, 2012

Season 8, Episode 11-12: "The Final Page"

"Go get him"-Ted
Say what you will about HIMYM this season, but that was freaking amazing. I have not seen a TV episode so incredible in a long, long time. This was such a relief. I am so completely amazed. 

First off, I would like to apologize for every mean thing I ever said about Patrice. I always knew she and Barney weren't for real, but that never stopped me from hating her as much a Robin. After seeing that she wanted to help Barney get Robin as a friendly gesture, and seeing how she comforted Robin, I realize she is a lovely person, and I will never besmirch her again.

Lily and Marshall were not exactly fascinating, but I did like them in the first half of the episode(s). The fact that they blew $100,000 was amusing, and it is a valuable life lesson for us all. The second half was less good, but still nice and relieving from all the heavy stuff. Oh, and Marshall? Yeah, I forbid you from interfering in Ted's love life anymore. You clearly have no idea what you are doing.

Ranjit appeared! Yay! But I must say, his interjections were a little annoying.

And now, for my Barney and Robin feelings. I made a post about them directly after the episode on my tumblr, so it should be easier now for me control myself. I am just so overjoyed with this ending. It is exactly why I love HIMYM--why I have watched it since season one, and continue to rewatch it until my eyes hurt. And yes, I cried. More than cried; I bawled like a baby. It's just that I have wanted them together for far too long, and what B&T did here was utter perfection. Everything was so beautiful, and it exceeded every expectation I have ever had for this couple. It was perfect. I have not cried that much at something on TV/movies for a long time. I knew HIMYM would bring me back around. I just love this show, you guys. It is too perfect for me.

And now, we can stray away from what was incredibly beautiful, and move onto Ted.  I know we were supposed to see the closure between Ted and Robin in last season's "No Pressure", but I think this was far more significant than that. Ted was willing to realize that Barney is the right person for Robin, not him, and that means more than simply letting her move out. He knows now that Robin should belong to Barney, not him, and that was another thing that made me tear up. I loved Ted in this episode. He was exactly as he should be: sensitive and unselfish, and willing to give anything for his friend's happiness. This is my favorite Ted, as he reminds me of the one from the first season.

-Patrice. I still feel awful for ever despising her so much.
-Ted's old professor. Depressing as it was, it made me laugh.
-The pit. I really liked this, since I felt it was one of the most accurate things the show has ever stated. It's true, sometimes you feel like someone is keeping you trapped in a pit, hovering over you, or vis versa, but really it's all in your head, and you're the only one who can save yourself. It was a good Philosophy 101 lesson from HIMYM.
-I forgot his name, but that guy with the hacky sacks was awesome. I don't care how creepy he is, that dude is my spirit animal.
-Robin's outfits! Daaaaaaamn!
-The proposal. That's all.
-This episode was really less about the funny, and more about the emotional stuff, but it was still amazing.  Loved every bit of it. Thank you, B&T.
-As simply a musing: We still have no clue whether or not this is the last season of HIMYM. At this point, I hope that it's not. I would miss it so much, and I think they need to do a more elaborate farewell-season kind of thing. I don't know, maybe I'm just afraid of saying goodbye to my show. What do you guys think?

Also, a round of applause to SwarleySparkles for predicting the future!

As per use, thoughts go to comments or twitter. I love you all! Happy Holidays!

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IrvingMtz said...

It's official: How I Met Your Mother gets a final season 9 :D
Now the series can have a perfect ending :)