Monday, December 10, 2012

Season 8, Episode 10: "The Over-Correction"

"It's a cry for help!"-Robin

This episode was just too frustrating for me to wrap my head around. I demand the follow up this instant. When I begun watching the show, this was not part of the deal. 
As you can see, I am very distraught and my feelings on the episode are perhaps a bit too emotionally involved, so I am only going to say a few brief things on each part of  the episode, point out what I liked, and leave it at that. 
Also, I did miss the first minute and a half of it, but I highly doubt I will be rewatching anytime soon.

I'm with Robin. There is no way on God's green earth that Barney and Patrice are for real. I am not buying it AT ALL. I don't care if you think Barney and Robin are all wrong for each other, I refuse to believe there is a single living soul who would rather it be Barney and Patrice. I am not okay with this. It is frustrating and a bit insulting to the character. No. Just no.

The thing with Mickey and Judy was disgusting and I was not amused.

Ted was the only thing that made me smile tonight with his dumbass labels.
Robin is the only person whose brain is in check, and her friends are being too stupid for me to handle. She is not the one who needed that intervention. I mean, Barney burned his playbook! The whole time that was happening I just kept whispering "no, no, no, no, no" because DAMMIT PATRICE YOU HAVE RUINED BARNEY STINSON! 

I have actually said too much. Leave your thoughts. Choose to be on my (and Robin's) side or not. I am going to watch Harry Potter (numero 4) , wait for next Monday, and pretend this episode never happened.


Anonymous said...

Keep calm till next week! According to Craig Thomas this is part two of a four episode arc and "The Final Page, Part Two" originally named "The Robin". I assume it's all just Barney's last play to get the "Yes" from Robin!

After my humble opinion it's a great episode and will be even better when I will watch 8.09-8.12 in row next week!

SwarleySparkles said...

I think that Patrice is somehow helping Barney get Robin. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

If ted and robin end up together I will cry! barney and robin are meant for each other and the way there hinting at ted and robin right now I kinda hope ted gets hit by a bus!

robinsparkles14 said...

I have looked into a lot of spoilers for the winter finale and it looks promising for Swarkles.
I definitely agree with the first anon and their theories.
As far as Patrice helping Barney get Robin: I do hope that's her motive because Patrice is a nice person and I do hope that Barney is not just playing her to get Robin.
And as for Ted and Robin: They are not going to end up together, but the writers hinting at it sort of makes me want to smash their faces in with golf clubs. But Ted shouldn't get hit by a bus. That would be crossing the line of patheticness, even for Ted.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous who said it's his last play to get Robin: wow, you're probably right.:( Poor Patrice. But also, I don't think Barney really burned the Play book. I think he burned David Lee Roth's autobiography.

Anonymous said...

Oh, just read SwarleySparkles' comment. That makes sense.

SwarleySparkles said...

OMG I was right. Read my earlier comment. I was right! I knew it.....I cried so much.

AndrewsMind said...

jesus christ first anon, you were so right that I reckon you must be psychic!!