Monday, February 27, 2012

Season 7, Episode 18: "Karma"

"This old home can become your new one. Completely ghost free."-Ted
Thank you, HIMYM. Thank you for coming back from a horrible slump. Thank you for giving us such complex characters, and thank you for giving us sweet, yet also sour, and at times spicy episodes to grow on. 
So, HIMYM is on a roll here. Last week was incredible, and this week was super great too. Of course, I have a lot of mixed feelings moving forward, but I think we're going to end up where we're expected to be.
So, I guess the best thing to start with would be all this Marshall, Lily, and Robin stuff. It was the funny part of the episode, the part we assumed wasn't going anywhere. At least, thats what we thought. But we were wrong. This is a huge story progression, and it's also super awesome because we won't be losing our favorite apartment...yay! I was really afraid of that. And this also means that the gang is all back together in NYC, so what many of you thought was splitting them apart, has actually helped bring them back together and strengthen their amazing friendship. 
Next up is our Ted-centric storyline. I always wind up feeling bad for Ted. It's just that he is such a nice guy, but he's always getting hurt, and we've seen how he deals with it. We saw it with Stella, we saw it with Zoey, and now we're seeing it with Robin. He goes into overdrive trying to get over a girl, and it just messes him up. It's really heartbreaking to watch actually.  I hope the new chapter we've been promised is open for Ted now. 
And, finally Barney and Quinn. This girl...I do like her. She's not a Nora, and she's not trying to change him too much. She's actually kind of a perfect fit for him. But in a way, that's why she's not the one. Too much perfection can be bad, you know. There's just too much awesome. Barney and Quinn are practically the same person. That's why I've always shipped Barney and Robin. Because they balance each other out. Barney and Quinn can't do that. However, she really is his clone. She's a player, but she's got a sweet side and that's why I'm really exited to some more of her. 

-"You actually expect me to believe you have a gay black brother, a friend who's lonely enough to have a room just for pork, and a mother who was a member of the band "Supertramp"? 
There were probably more. But I can't remember. And anyway, when I see that it will be a Stephen Lloyd episode I sob in terror. 

-Where will Ted go?
-Where will Robin go? 
-What's going to happen with Quinn? 

"The Broath" By B&T
I assume this means Bro-Oath

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Anonymous said...

well i just wanted to say that im glad i found you blog. I feel like i got into HIMYM too late and feel like i wont catch up. to tell you the truth when i started watching i thought robin and ted would end up together since it seemed kinda perfect at first. And now barney looks like he will marry robin which is kinda crazy. i love this show because of this unpredictable plot and now i can catch up with your blog which is amazing. thank you.