Thursday, March 1, 2012

How Do You Know You're A Die Hard HIMYM Fan?

I've had some weird stuff happen to me that largely revolves around HIMYM, perhaps because the show is getting so dang popular. So I'm actually using this post as a way for me, and all of you, to tell stories about how HIMYM has played a role in your everyday life. So lets get started.
Story #1:
Setting: My good friend's car, while she's giving her non-HIMYM-fan friend a ride.
Non-Obsessed Girl (NOG): Aren't you cold?
Obsessed Friend (OF): No.
NOG: Why not?
OF: Rachel, whenever I start feeling cold, I just stop being cold and be awesome instead.
NOG: ....

Story #2:
Setting: Dinner with some old friends
Friend: You watch HIMYM, I love that show, I'm watching it on Netflix but I've only gotten up to season 6.
Me: Oh, cool, what episode are you on?
Friend: Season 6, Episode 8.
Me: Oh, "Natural History"
Everyone at table: ....

Other things include referencing characters, sayings, and episodes. Or perhaps quoting back full lines you didn't even realize you knew. Or wearing your HIMYM T-Shirt to the grocery store and people passing you saying "Why does your shirt say Legendary?" and you wind up explaining the whole show to them. Or maybe you got your friends hooked on the show along with you?
Tell me your crazy stories!


Anonymous said...

Lol, just wanna say love this blog, I'm a huge BRo fangirl.

I think I've embarrassed myself publicly a number of times just by shouting loudly, "WHO'S THE MASTER, LEROY?" from the episode "Natural History" for no reason in particular.

Also, thanks to Ted, I now go camping in secret. :D

Anonymous said...

Well, one science class we were learning the evolution of fish. At the the end of the class I went to the teacher and said "Fish, right? Anyone ever think about the names of these fish?" And i gave her Marshal's 'Fish List'. It went on for 3 minutes. She congratulated me on remembering a line from a TV show...

Deekay said...

I've done both!

P said...

I do this with "Friends" but I've recently started to do it with HIMYM instead. No one ever knows what i'm talking about though as it's not really that big in the UK - i know, shocker!

AndrewsMind said...

Can you please post a link to my HIMYM blog? If you do I will also link back to you. It's Instead of reviewing all the latest episodes, I am going to be reviewing from season 1 onwards. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

In "How Lily Stole Christmas" when Barney got sick he denied he was sick and went to hit on a girl and sneezed in her face. She freaked out and left and Barney says, " a bless you would have been nice" Well once I was working on a project with one of my friends and I sneezed and it was really gross but some snot hit my arm and landed on my friend and she freaked out and I said, "a bless you would have been nice"

Anonymous said...

I sing nothing suits me like a suit in gym class and I'm teaching my friend the words because she is getting into the show. My mom worries because I can quote every episode... Don't judge me

Anonymous said...

I constantly quote it to my friends they get worried and refuse to watch the show (why?????) so then I just quote it some more. They are always threatening to slap me for it which just makes me sing " you just got slapped :)