Monday, February 20, 2012

Season 7, Episode 17: "No Pressure"

"Ted. It was a VCR"-Barney
Wow. HIMYM really brought it tonight. I wasn't all that exited for this episode because I'm not a huge Ted-Robin supporter but, woah! That was incredible. My earlier wish was for HIMYM to show up "Once Upon a Time"...and they did. This was the best episode since "Symphony of Illumination."

Ted. This guy needs to get his life together, and the good thing is, he's getting there. No matter how much I hated this Ted-Robin thing, it was a bump in the road of Ted's search for true love. Now the painful part is over, he's come out the other side a little bit stronger. And now we can really see the story of how he meets the mother. A lot of people say it started when he got left at the alter, but I say it starts now. 
They said this would be a Robin season, and they've stuck to that. She's a big tough girl, and it's interesting that she won't let herself have anyone. She was too scared to be with Barney, she couldn't bring herself to marry Kevin, and she isn't in love with Ted. This is her season, and she isn't going to let anyone else get involved in it. 
Barney has been a real supporting character this season. He still steals every episode, but he hasn't had any that were actually focused on him. But we're going to see more of this Quinn girl, so maybe Barney will be back at center stage. 
Marshall and Lily seem to be the players and Barney, Ted, and Robin are the pieces. They're writing out their lives, and they're getting most of it right. But as far as we could tell, neither of them are betting on Barney and Robin, but the fans are... 

-"Ted. It was a VCR". Best moment of the episode...but...I still own a VCR....
-Long term bets. 
-Don't you love how Barney can just call anyone to do anything for him? Damn, I wish my life were that easy. 
-The end was perfect. And I hope I'm not the only one who went "OMG ITS THE MOTHER!" at the first yellow umbrella girl. 
-"I GO TO CAMP IN SECRET!" oh, Ted. Oh Teddy boy. 
-The little Robin-Barney montage was sweet. 

-Is Barney really over Robin? Is Robin really over Barney?
-Are Ted and Robin really over each other?
-The central question of the show was brought back around today...whos the mother???
-What happens next? Where do they go from here? Where does Robin go?


Linnea said...

Was I the only one who got a little suspicious when Marshal and Lily was lying in bed and Lily said something like "For Ted's sake I hate to say this... but pay up" and Marshal said "Not yet"?

Adam Dempsey said...

Adam Dempsey | 8 minutes ago

Another great episode, I think this season has gotta be my favourite, so many big stories all going on, but plenty of laughs going on too.

There’s been a couple of dud episodes, but even so I’m still loving it and gripped between episodes, can’t wait to see what’s coming up next!

It did surprise me that Ted never said anything to Barney about the night he saw the rose petals and candles, but I wasn’t sure if maybe he couldn’t remember as I seem to remember he was really drunk that night?

Elizabeth said...

This episode was probably the best in the season. Or second best. I think they really brought it up here. The question of the mother is still lingering.... and now we know why Lily has been trying to keep Robin and Ted apart. But I think it was a nice touch at the end when Marshall said "Not yet." Meaning he believes there is stil a chance for them.

Ncyl said...

I'm also suspicious when Marshal said "Not yet" but right now I'm pretty much satisfied with the idea about Marshal said so because at the moment Ted's not with someone. Well, I do wish I'm satisfied with that thought though I'm still wondering will there be something about Ted-Robin in the future. Gotta be honest, I'm not a big fan of the pair. :)

AndrewsMind said...

I loved this episode because it was both funny, and progressed the story immensely. I loved the camping in secret line, and i loved the ending, with all the yellow umbrellas and Marshall telling Lily that he won't pay up yet. Does that mean we may have to suffer through more Ted-Robin episodes? Groan.

And Adam, he was stoned, remember? That was a great episode :D