Monday, March 17, 2014

Season 9, Episode 21: "Gary Blauman"

Hey guys sorry for being on a bit of a hiatus for the 1 millionth time. I'm hoping that it won't happen again for the remainder of the season. I know, a whole two episodes. Anyway I really enjoyed this episode. It's all getting extremely surreal. I mean, tonight we saw Ted and the mother's first kiss. I think that's pretty amazing.

I hate to be the a****** who catches the show on continuity, but according to the episode "The Chain of Screaming", Gary Blauman was supposed to be dead.... If you recall, he was the guy who peed on the conference table. Either way it was interesting to see him along with all the other characters that were shown. I especially appreciated seeing Zoey, the Blitz, and hey, we learned Blah Blah's name! All of the the million faces were awesome to see!

They are starting to show that Barney and Robin are basically just like any other couple that is about to get married. They're both freaking out a little, which I assume will only get worse in the coming episodes. Can't wait for that!

The storyline with Ted and the mother here was excellent. Seeing their first date was certainly not something that I expected the writers to be able to show us. Plus we saw that so much other stuff between them. Their interactions are amazing. I am so happy with how this was written and executed.

Greatest Moments:
- people hating/loving Gary Blauman
- Ted and the Mother's first kiss
- Billy Zapka (?? Spelling) is a poet
-  all of the re-returns with characters we haven't seen in a while!


Anonymous said...

Can you please review the sad miserable finale? :(

I know I am not the only one who is very disappointed.


robinsparkles14 said...

Yes I'm going to review it. I'm in Spain right now though so it might be a couple days. I'm planning it in my head though and it contains a lot of cursing and a long letter to the writers about what total utter BULLSHIT that finale was.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I can't wait. Enjoy your trip.

mahesh babu said...

Hey I know it's been a while but when are you gonna review the finale, like I can't beleive they did that to us :(, but take your time! Have fun in Spain :)!

Anonymous said...

Still no review of the last episode? I really am curious to hear your thoughts...

Alan Brady said...

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