Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Why I Never Reviewed the Season 9 Finale.

 "It was at times a long, difficult road. But I'm glad it was long and difficult,"-Ted 

Well, if we're being completely had a little bit to do with the fact that I really did not want to just rant endlessly. I mean, let's be real, for a longtime viewer of the show, that finale was like a slap in the face.

This blog really does not get much traffic anymore, so I'm not going to try really hard to keep this massively organized in any way.

I've run a few websites since this one, but I honestly haven't found another topic that I'm as obsessive and passionate about as I was HIMYM. I know that sounds insanely corny, but the show actually meant a lot to me. This blog actually got pretty popular and remains something that I am proud of. Even outside of here, there was a community that I was a part of that really loved the show and everything about it.

To be honest, I still love it, even if I feel like the finale kind of ruined absolutely everything.

I've been rewatching HIMYM lately, and it's the first time I've so much as watched an episode since I saw the finale.

I hate to admit this but...I almost understand it now. I mean, I understand that CB&CT were dropping hints that things might not go exactly as the die-hard Barney/Robin people thought. However, I wished they had remained consistent. Even as they were dropping hints that Barney/Robin might not be endgame, they also constantly shut the door on any Ted/Robin possibilities. I mean, obviously they were going for the surprise factor, but it read as sloppy.

I really doubt I can say anything that has not already been said. Barney's character development was trashed, the mother was horrendously disrespected as a character, Robin was deemed nothing without Ted, and Lily was essentially just a baby machine after everything.It was uncomfortable to sit through, and more than lacked any sense of emotion or meaning, which is so rare for HIMYM.

There are so many episodes that I have rewatched and just cried because they really hit home. Some examples include "Legendaddy," "Tick, Tick, Tick," "Symphony of Illumination," "The Final Page Part 2," "Disaster Averted,"....the list goes on. The show had a really great way of showcasing the importance of friendship, romance, heartbreak, etc...and none of it showed in the finale or really even the entirety of the last season (save for everyone's favorite, insanely heartbreaking episode "How Your Mother Met Me.").

The fact that they could chalk the mother's death up to being essentially meaningless really proved how devastating the finale was as a whole.

As a young, impressionable person who truly cared about this show, it left me feeling empty, confused, and not really in the mood to write anything about it.

I also saw the finale a few days after it aired, and did not really feel like adding to the aura of bitterness surrounding everyone that watched it before me.

However, HIMYM is still my favorite show ever. It still dulls my mind when I'm upset, and reignites emotions with powerful episodes that I wish the series finale had embodied.

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