Monday, February 24, 2014

Season 9, Episode 18: "Rally"

"I love you guys"-Barney
Only six more to go! That's so freaking crazy. Never did I think that at some point there would only be six new how i met your mother episodes left and that after that I will never see a new one for the entirety of my existence. Like...what??? Anyway, this episode was so funny I just...I loved it. And I loved the flash-forwards and callbacks, it was awesome. 
So, I really liked the fact that there wasn't really a sub-plot here, it was more just everyone working toward helping Barney. That was cute. I loved the Lily/Robin moments, especially at the end when--shocker--Robin is real bicurious one (that's actually more common then you might think *wink wink*). The Ted/Bacon thing was amazing. It kind of depicted the state of my life (IE: "I've found my true love and her name is BACON!"). 

The flash-forwards were great. The ones with Ted/Mother were totally adorable. The Barney/Robin one was so stereotypically them and I really liked that. I think that the Barney/Robin dynamic really is my favorite thing on the show, especially when they don't make it too corny. They balance each other out so well. The Lily/Marshall/Marvin thing was cute and funny. And DAMN Marvin got hot...

All in all, this episode was just great. I really found an appreciation for everything they did with it, and I liked that it was just kind of funny and cute because I'm sure we've got some real angst coming up here soon. 

Greatest Moments:
-"Your shoes don't match your belt!"
-"Bloody mary...more like bloody scary!!"
- the 'Barney never takes a bad photo' callback and the sad test run...
- Brad!
- Fake history lessons w/Barney
- Quote of the episode: "Dude you're a grown man, why are you throwin' a tantrum??"
- the jackhammer and siren museum oh my god
- Weekend at Barney's
- I also thought you all should know that there's an upcoming episode called "Gary Blauman" and if you don't know what that means let me refresh your memory.... it was the year 2009. Ted and Stella were still together, and Marshall's cruel boss "Artillery Arthur" was screaming at people at Marshall's firm, which led Barney to explain the name of the episode, "The Chain of Screaming." Everyone was giving Marshall advice about how to handle his boss, and Ted suggested he simply quit and storm out. Marshall told him that nobody does that but Barney retorted with "Gary Blauman did it..." and thus began his telling of the tale of Gary Blauman, a man who told off Bilson at the morning meeting and then attempted to pee on the conference table because he made a pile of money on the IPO via his cousin's website. But then the website tanked, and Gary became a janitor at an old folks home and moved into an apartment above a bowling alley. Then he died.... So yeah...that's the callback we'll be dealing with in this upcoming episode and I'm excited to see it! 
I love you all dearly, and I shall see your faces again next Monday!!

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