Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Season 9, Episode 17: "Sunrise"

Another great episode!  I loved all the callbacks and such, as well as that lovely moment at the end. It's so surreal to see moments that were mentioned in the very first episode of the show actually happening!  It's awesome though, I love that they're resolving things like that.

So, I REALLY wish we could be done with all the Ted/Robin crap. I honestly thought it was finally over last season but apparently not. I don't know guys, I just feel like they have exhausted this plotline.  I suppose it was necessary to get closure,  but we all know that won't actually happen until Ted meets the mother.  At this point it's not worth bothering with trying to get Ted the hell over Robin.  The fact that Jeannette tossed the locket worked in the flashback because it showed Ted that no matter how much you fight for something,  it will slip away if it's not meant to be.

Barney was the comic relief, but it also went to show that he is ready to be married. He basically mentored some other guys to take his place and it was funny,  yet also meaningful.

I think we all knew that Marhsall and Lily would not actually end up moving to Italy. It was so well done though; the way it was presented. Showing 2006 Lily and finally getting some real closure about Marshall's feelings regarding the San Fransisco thing.

-Stella and star wars callbacks
-Barney teaching people how to live
-Ted girlfriend memories
-Barney's stripper problems
-How many myspace friends do I have now??
-Tim Gunn as Barney's tailor!
-Barney is Jesus
-Bro hell
-Hammond Druthers and the penis buildings
-Teacup pigs=lady magnets

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