Monday, January 27, 2014

Season 9, Episode 16: "How Your Mother Met Me"

"I guess this is it.  For real this time."-the Mother
Wow. That was really surreal to watch. I honestly did not ever think the show would get to this point we are.

Since none of the regular characters were really present,  I'll just discuss a lot with the Mother. You know, I really thought we might learn her name tonight but I guess not. It was for sure a plot twist that her boyfriend died on her birthday...aka the day Ted met Robin...aka the first ever episode of himym.  It definitely made everyone stop questioning why that was when the story started. I also loved how we saw all this stuff we already knew happened throughout the years, but we got more. It was great. And wow, the end with her singing and playing ukulele was so sweet and wonderful. All of it was great.

Ted was also pretty great. That last scene was just killer, man. It showed how broken Ted and the mother both are. Just...damn. This whole episode was just fabulous.

Greatest Moments!
-The naked man!
-Cindy and the mother kissed!
-Evil friend-stealing guy!
-the yellow umbrella
-the st pattys day party
-wow so many callbacks!

Such a great episode. I'm so very excited for the rest of the show. See ya'll next Monday!

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