Monday, October 28, 2013

Season 9, Episode 7: "No Questions Asked"

"You know, I bet even lone wolves can learn to work together"-Barney
I'm baaaack! Sorry that I missed you guys last week, I had three papers to write in one night and I just didn't have time to write a review. Anyway, I liked this episode because of the flashbacks and because it had some nice moments. It was good.

I've always liked how the show displayed Marshall and Lily as a couple. They've always been good with the idea of them truly loving each other while also having issues just like everyone else. I think that this will be another thing like that, just longer. I'm curious as to where they're going to take this who "Rome vs New York" thing.
Barney and Robin have had these really similar moments all season. I hope they give us something more soon. I'm actually starting to miss all the drama.
Ted was pretty useless here but since we're going to see the mother again next week I'm assuming we'll get more from him.
Greatest Moments
-The flashbacks
-Barney rooting foe the bad guys
-All of the 'no questions asked' moments
-Marshall and his ghost thing
-the cheap ghost video

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