Monday, October 14, 2013

Season 9, Episode 5: "The Poker Game"

Hello everyone! Sorry I couldn't find a quote, usually they're in the tumblr tag (whoops, just gave away my secret!) but unfortunately there wasn't much deep or meaningful with this episode. Honestly though, I don't mind all that much. It's a comedy, so episodes like this are bound to happen. I'm actually not that bothered by it. 

So, the Marshall/Lily/Ted wedding present story was actually alright as far as HIMYM comic relief goes. I thought it was cool that they got to take looks back at things from past seasons. I found it hilarious that Ted was still dressing like a hanging chad...except he was a thank you note. Plus the whole callback to the rooftop Halloween party was really cool. 

This whole Loretta vs Robin thing is kind of stupid. I hope it doesn't last very long honestly. I feel like the writers are just adding in pointless subplots until something real actually happens. 

Barney was pretty damn funny in this episode. I actually thought NPH did a great job with the honest to God ridiculous writing. 

  Greatest Moments
 -gazolloa's callback!
-James crapping all over marriage
-Barney's mom
-Lick it before you stick it
-Wrap it before you tap it
-Barney whole speech to his mom and brother about how much they suck. Honestly, I don't know why this was so damn funny but it was.

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