Monday, October 7, 2013

Season 9, Episode 4: "The Broken Code"

 "I would love to, but it doesn't work that way! I'm a human being, I don't have an off-switch"-Ted

Less interesting episode tonight. Wasn't exactly good or bad, just normal, neutral himym. Some things I liked, some I didn't. For the most part I just think that we could have been given more than what we got. 
 So, Lily and Robin were obviously the comic relief, but it was honestly pretty decent. I thought it was actually a cool thing to establish. You know, that Robin can't make any female friends, and it was a nice callback to her being raised as a boy. I liked it.  Marshall was also comic relief, and it was handled well in my opinion. Not much else to say here, the real point of the episode lies more in the Ted/Barney segment.

So, Ted and his whole Robin thing didn't really annoy me as much as I thought it would. Usually it's really frustrating that they keep revisiting it but it was actually handled pretty well in this episode. I think that what the writers are setting up is that Ted will not be getting over Robin for real until he meets the mother. I don't know how I feel about that but it's an interesting take on this whole thing with Ted/Robin and Ted/Barney.
One more little thing: the lack of the mother since the first two episodes is really weird. I mean, I'm sure that we'll see her later on (obviously). But we've waited nine years I think we deserve more!

-fake history lessons
-the bro code book
"just be yourself, say something nice." "Which one, I can't do both."
-oh my god barney's tailor callback!

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I am so incredibly sorry that I haven't written anything on the first two episodes. Real life is such a bitch. I'm hoping to get around to it at some point. So sorry!

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