Monday, December 2, 2013

Season 9, Episode 12: "The Rehearsal Dinner"

"And best of,"-Barney
Hey guys! I'm so sorry for my huge absence! My whole life has been school and 8-hour shifts at work lately and I was missing episodes every week. But luckily, I'm caught up now and I actually got to see this episode on time tonight!

Alright, so the comic relief of Lily being able to keep secrets was funny, and I liked how it tied into all the other plot points. It was about time that everyone found out about Marshall's judgeship and that they added that drama in with the rest of the characters. And that they discussed Ted's moving to Chicago idea again. I would actually like it if they addressed these things even further, which I'm sure they will in the upcoming episodes. 

Ted was sort of background noise in this episode, but I didn't mind much. I know we'll be getting lots more of him this season. 

Robin and Barney were completely adorable here. I loved the fact that even though Brney is totally crazy, he can use that craziness to come up with great things like they showed here. It's really fabulous character development, in my opinion. We went from Barney using his weirdness to pick up girls, to using it all for one girl. A+ to the writers for that one. 

Greatest Moments;
-The Canadian jokes
-The people in the background during the canadian jokes
-Ted's piano/figure skating classes
-laser tag rehearsal dinner
-robin's dress looked amazing
-i cannot wait to see this ring

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