Monday, April 15, 2013

Season 8, Episode 21: "Romeward Bound"

"Robin's marrying me. Not you."-Barney
Sorry this is up a bit late, I got distracted watching The Voice. 
This episode was okay, I guess. I think that after such a long break, it was a little weak, but it had it's moments. I just don't feel like it was really enough for it being one of the final episodes of the season, but whatever. I'm sure they know what they are doing so I'll try not to criticize it too much.

It was nice to have something a little more Marshall/Lily centric. The center of the episodes has been a little bit confusing lately, but I was always kind of unimpressed with having Marshall and Lily in the background. It was sort of the only option though, since they had no real conflict to deal with. I felt like this conflict was a bit forced though. I was especially disappointed with Marshall's job sucking so much. I mean, they have spent the whole show getting Marshall to be an environmental lawyer and now they're just dropping that so he can move to Rome. I don't know, it was weird to me. 

Poor Ted. That entire conversation with Barney was clearly just a device to make the character feel worse about himself. I didn't think that was possible after these last few episodes, but I have been proven wrong. I understand it is all setup though, and it should make for a nice finale. 

I am so scared to see what the writers have in mind for Barney/Robin. It seems like they are trying so hard to create tension between the two of them and with Ted. Obviously, it will all pan out soon, I'm just very scared to see this wedding. It seems like it might turn out to be a little bit of a disaster as of now. 

-I think my favorite was: "Marshall isn't even that excited about Italy!"---MEANWHILE IN LITTLE ITALY.
-Marshall speaking in the same phrase to Lily. What was it again? Something about funnyuns?
-"He took one week of Italian and he only dropped it because he had a conflict. . .with not being stoned. . ."
-Ridonculous--that was Brad's word from season 2's "World's Greatest Couple". I don't know if ya'll remember that. Oh well. 
-Liddy and her amazingly hot body. Liddy is such a weird name. Am I the only one who was thinking that?
-Murder Train!
Robin in the jacket at the end. 

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Anonymous said...

what about when ted sang "Yoga Buddies" i loved that SO funny!! ;P