Monday, March 25, 2013

Season 8, Episode 20: "The Time Travelers"

"We're gonna get married"-Ted
Hey guys! First off, I am so sorry for being M.I.A the last couple weeks, life has been totally insane so TV has been on the back-burner for a bit. 
Anyway, I really liked this episode and I really wish I had taken notes because there were so many amazing quotes in Ted's little speech that I missed out on because it caught me completely off guard.
There were so many crazy things in this and I am so excited to discuss them so without further ado....

So, the Robin and Marshall storyline was funny. It reminded me a bit of season 4, just as far as the feel of it goes. There were some funny moments, but all in all, it was just a little lighthearted piece. 

The time travelers were also funny. I was mostly just really confused by it, and the end reveal that it was all in Ted's imagination was actually very sad. However, I liked that they gave us a time frame for when Ted will finally meet the mother. I know there were some rumors going around last season that we'd meet her and that turned out to be a flake so I'm really glad that we've got a set time now. 

That whole portion at the end reminded me a lot of "As Fast as She Can" from season 4, which I guess is why I said the whole episode gave me that feel. 

-The Robin Sherbatsky/The Minnesota Tidal Wave drink
-It's funny. . .we really never did know Carl's last name after eight years. 
-Callback to Marshall liking girly drinks.
-"I'm Sparkles, bitch!" 
-Coat-check girl. Even though I harbor an extreme hatred of Glee (sorry guys, you can argue it with me later), I really do like Jayma Mays, and I liked her in "Okay, Awesome" from HIMYM season 1 so I liked seeing her again. 
-The ending. It was a serious wake-up call for Ted, and honestly for me too because I think it's making us realize how close we are to the end. 
-Future Ted joking about still not being married. I won't lie, I believed it for a second. 
 -love it when they use the singing talents they have on the show. 

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