Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Season 8, Episode 7: "The Stamp Tramp"

"I always have fun when I'm with you"-Barney
Sorry I'm late! Life happened over the weekend and I had some crazy stuff I was pondering. Ya'll didn't want to see me review this episode as an emotional wreck, trust me. And boy did this episode not help at all to soothe my aching feelings! But more on that later, I want to get started. 

So, first off, it was good to see Marshall at his job again, and doing something with some relevance to the show. Him and Lily have really been boring us to tears lately, so it was a welcomed change of pace. I was quite happy with it. Also, we got a re-return of Brad, which was awesome (even though he sort of screwed Marshall over). It gave us some good funny moments. Marshall's stamp of approval was also sweet. I think it's good of him to approve of anything people do. No judgment from Marshall, and I like that.

Ted. Oh Teddy Boy. Can we just admit that the guy is seriously hopeless (not the club) at this point in the show? And what is worse about this is that I say it every season. Ted is impossibly forever alone, even more so than I am! And the writers don't even try to tell us otherwise. We saw here that Ted has basically always been a lonely, sad person who really just listens to other people's ideas and has never achieved anything all on this own. This segment was just downright depressing. Thank the Gods that Ted has friends like Barney and Robin who can get married for the sake of him finally meeting his wife at their wedding.

And speaking of Barney and Robin...wow. These two will be the death of me, I promise. They are perfect, adorable, sexy, spontaneous, did I say perfect already? But for God's sake, they make it so hard! Obviously they love each other more than Robin (at this point) is willing to admit. I mean, come on! We are on the now sixth season of action with them and they are still not a couple. Six years is too long to be playing games with someone you are clearly in love with. When Robin pushed Barney away after he kissed her, I lost it. I threw my tablet into the air and that was the end of my tumblr liveblogging for the night. I understand that in terms of reality, it would have been kind of bad since they were completely wasted, but I am still not okay with it. Nope. No, no, no.

-"That's like 49 in perv years" "69. Self five!"
-The Golden Oldies? Not gonna lie, it creeped me out a little bit.
-Lebron jokes. Yes.
-The guy handing out coupons in the hot dog costume...who Marshall is scared of. It's not cool to see a hot dog with a face.
-The re-return of Teddy Westside, and the soup from "Challenge Accepted."
-So Marshall's boss is Honeywell now, not Cootes? I couldn't tell you which I like better, but the short people jokes made me laugh. I'm up there with Marshall and Brad, a 5'9 female, so I liked it.
-"I want you to be my strip club agent!" "What is wrong with you?" "Well, I just figured I'd ask--" "No, I'm talking to myself because for some reason I really wanna do that!"
-"Say it you beast! Say I'm 6'1!" "Maybe if you stood on top of that pot of gold you have at the end of your rainbow!" YES! Guys, HIMYM is giving me some really bad ideas.
-Barney and Robin=Perfect. Wait, did I say that already?
-Brad. It's always nice to see old characters again.

Anyway! Sorry this was late, I love you guys, stay your perfect, hilarious selves and I will see you next Monday!


Anonymous said...

Come on swarkles! We want swarkles!

olivia brown said...

In that pic of b+r barney looks like HE IS ACTUALLY EATING HER