Monday, October 1, 2012

Season 8, Episode 2: The Pre Nup

"I once loved someone and didn't say it enough. Now I wish I could say it every day,"-Arthur
Alrighty! Cool episode tonight, I was definitely kept interested. I was also surprised and enthralled. Anyway, lets get started!
So, Robin and Nick are actually pretty dang cute. And Robin is hilarious. But (and feel free to tell me I am crazy) I almost feel like her being turned on by herself means thay she ISN'T turned on by Nick. Anyway, I'm curious about how their relationship might go/end.
Ted, Victoria, and Klaus were so funny. Like, freakin hilarious. I am seriously going to miss them. I hope they don't end in a really heartbreaking way. I hope it's clean, but also funny, you know? I just don't want Ted and Victoria to end the way they did the first time around.
Lily and Marshall were cute as always.
And, of course, Barney and Quinn. I am glad it didn't hurt very much, and that they were mature about it to an extent. I think with this out of the way we can actually move forwatd with the story. And October break-ups are far from over so we'll just have to wait and see!
Awesome Moments:
-Tugboat! You know what? Screw everyone who says HIMYM doesn't have continuity. They have great continuity.
-Celeb marriages are the ones thay last. Ha.
-Guys. Feel free to bash me, but Swarkles was just too cute. And it just proves that Barney can be real with Robin, no?
-That end moment. Something about them being just fictional characters but they have such depth you get attatched to them?
-Klaus. Is perfect.
Those are all my initial thoughts. If you have questions leave a comment or hit me up on twitter. You all are awesome. Stay Legendary!!

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