Monday, September 24, 2012

Season 8, Episode 1: Farhampton

"It all started when the bride asked to see me"-Ted

Hello beautiful people! Wow, that was a fantastic premiere! I'm going to go out on a limb and call it the best to date. With all that craziness, and yet all those was just perfection. P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N. And as a crazy twist, I actually took notes!

I'm going to start with Lily and Marshall, just because they are the solid ground in everyone's crazy life. They were so cute in this episode, even as zombies, I loved it. Sure, they may have come close to destroying Barney and Quinn's engagement, but that will happen eventually anyway. Point is, Lily and Marshall and Marvin are wonderful and they always bring some light to the episodes.
So, Quinn and Barney. Hm. Well, they have been engaged for not even 48 hours and already we can see that it isn't going to work. Now, obviously that is B&T's motive, but still. None of us missed Barney's reaction when Robin said "Can you really see spending the rest of your life with this girl?" And you know what else? Even though Barney and Quinn should be the epidamy of awesome, they keep finding reasons to have issues. Seriously. They need to get it together.
What did ya'll think of Nick? Besides the abs, I mean. Obviously he is not going to last, but I think I could maybe stand to have him around for a littke bit so long as he doesn't go all Kevin on us.
Ted and Victoria were actually hysterical here. I couldn't help laughing through the whole mess of the note thing. It reminded me why I ship them. I'm going to miss Victoria when she departs. I hope she finds her happy ending elsewhere.
Barney and Robin can make you sad, make you mad and make you sit on your couch crying and questioning your emotion like me. They're just...annoying in the sense that they love each other but they refuse to admit it!! However, the picture thing at the end definitely had me tearing up a bit.
Klaus is brilliant. Just freaking amazing because he has more sense than anyone else because he could leave his wedding with some dignity. That is more than I can,say for Victoria, Stella, or what Robin and Barney are up to. His speech was just so beautiful, even though it also had me laughing. I love when Ted gets trolled in hilarious ways.
The Mother. Guys. We just saw the scene where Ted meets the mother. Holy crap.

-How do you think everything will go down between Barney/Robin/Quinn
-Ted and Victoria?
-Marshall and Lily?
-Why does this all lead back to Farhampton?
-Your thoughts on the episode?

-Ted and his note craziness
-"We are not the kind of people who have a zombie and turn into a baby!"
-Barney the seduction master!
-That ending. Enough said.
-30 second recount of the BarneyxRobin relationship, but anyone else notice he left out the "we both cheated" part?
-Anybody else feel like they were watching Jealous Robin: The Sequel?
-Marshall and Lily rock at keeping secrets, no? (sarcasm)


mixer27a said...

I think we need to find out WHY ted was on the platform after the wedding.
Why isn't he at the reception!
Why isn't he going home with the others!
Why is it a Long Story!

Something is going to go down at the wedding


AndrewsMind said...

Hey, just saw the ep, FANTASTIC!! Lovin' your reviews!

Anyway, to answer your questions Mixer, CB&CT have said that the wedding is a complete disaster and it all falls apart BUT, they also said that someone does get married (they never mentioned a name), whether it be Barney & Robin, Barney & Quinn, Ted & Victoria, Ted & Robin, or Ted & the mother.

Also, I kinda hate Ted now, because he of all people should know what it feels like to be left at the altar and should NOT be showing this kind of behavior and driving off with Victoria. Now he seems like a bit of a wife-stealing a-hole.

-Andy :)

AndrewsMind said...

also, what's with the bandage on ted's wrist at the start? anyone else notice that or just me?

-Andy :)

robinsparkles14 said...

I did notice that! However, my notes suckAND i did not write it down.
Totally agree with you on everything else, too. Although now B&T have me scared for this wedding!

Anonymous said...

Awesome episode.

To AndrewsMind post about the wedding. CTCB stated at multiple times like here (, that B/R will get married.

AndrewsMind said...

Thanks anonymous! So RoBarn are definitely getting married, (" Remember: Barney and Robin's wedding won't be smooth, but they will get married.") thats great. Maybe some fight broke out and thats why his hand is bandaged.

Or maybe Josh just had an injury :/

-Andy :)

(Also if anyone knows about my blog, I'm gonna do a review on Farhampton right now, and sorry I've been slack!)

AndrewsMind said...

I just read the review on the "Have You Met Ted" website but I don't like commenting there because of the sheer amount of people, so I'll discuss it here.

HYMT said that maybe Ted got into a fight, that's why his hand is bandaged, but in S04E10 The Fight he says he's only ever been in one fight, so any ideas on how his wrist is sore?

They also mentioned the fact that if Ted wasn't a professor he never would've met the mother. How would this link back up to the train station-wedding scenario?

Any thoughts people?

-Andy :)

AndrewsMind said...

hate to spam but I forgot to add that I think that maybe the mother was in the band at the wedding? that's why she has her guitar?

olivia brown said...

Personally I think this episode was a bit crap and i just wished that ted and the gang were together again but the ending OMG the ending it was beautiful i almost cried and i NEVER cry.
The bandage is deffo something to do with the wedding and i think ted probably didn't like being a loner at the wedding since barney didn't even want to think about going out with someone let alone getting married 8 years ago but ted always wanted to settle down and where is he now? In the exact same position (practically) especially since he did see robin first. I know he has moved on but it's always gonna hurt a little till he meets the mum.