Monday, October 8, 2012

Season 8, Episode 3: Nannies

Hm. Well, quite honestly I was disappointed. This was a step DOWN from last week and the week before. It was just such a filler, you know? I kept wanting something to hapoen, and then nothing did. It was just upsetting to think the story went absolutely no where, and we got a rotten filler episode.

Ted and Robin obviously are not doing very well in their relationships, and it is sad because they are with very good people. They just are not with the right people, and now we have to wait another week to see what will happen with them.
I felt so bad for Barney here. Even though we love him single, this was just a little sad. Barney does not let stuff like that happen to him, and it shows how hard Quinn broke him. I just did not like hiw the writers handled this. They are better than that.
I also do not know if I'm a fan of crazy Marshall and Lily. They are not that weak, and I know they have a baby, but I feel like we are almost losing the characters to Marvin, much as we love the little turnip head. I don't know, I just hope we can see them in a different way soon, I'm getting a bit sick of this.

Greatest Moments:
-Is Marvin not the cutest freaking baby ever?
-Nick being such a pussy made me laugh for some reason.
-Not an awesome moment at all, but the end was just creepy, and after "Once Upon a Time" yesterday,  I'm a little sick of getting creeped out.

Anyway, sorry for my pessimistic review, I am not sure why it came out that way. Questions go in the comments or to twitter. Stay legendary! See ya'll next Monday!

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