Monday, February 6, 2012

Season 7, Episode 15: The Burning Beekeeper

"Alright. It's not a TOTAL disaster"-Lily
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Okay. So. This episode. It was definitely a filler, but it wasn't a horrible filler. It wasn't really good either, though. There was no Kevin, which I can appreciate, and no new girl, which keeps me guessing, but besides that it was not only useless, but pretty crappy. Marshall and Lily are heading no where until Lily has their baby, Ted appears to be forever alone, and it seems like after four sensational episodes, they're letting go of the Barney-Robin storyline.

Everything was sort of mushed together here, so I'll just start with what I guess was Marshall, Lily, and Mickey. Well Mickey is really just the most irritating thing on the planet, and if B&T are serious about making him a full time cast member, I sure hope they know what they're doing. All I could think every time he appeared was "Omigod, LEAVE!". I have a somewhat severe phobia of bees, so I had trouble finding it funny. If that were my house I would move to Australia, and if that were my dad I would send him to Mars. Although, the Barney thing at the end was pretty funny. Marshall's boss seems pretty cool, I'm starting to like him. But the thing with Ted really was not funny.
I guess the next part would be Ted and Robin? We know they will have "fireworks" in the next few episodes, which, while I love Ted and Robin, I'm not all too exited about. They were together but not in this episode. And, I thought Marshall was the one who was too nice, not Ted? Those jokes about the 6th a wheelchair...stealing Ted's lunch, were great. I've never seen Robin as too mean though. I love Robin because she's strong and independent, like me, but she's not a bitch, and I didn't love how they made her look that way.
Finally, the Barney part. We all know Barney steals every episode because, well, he's Barney. We also know that he's crude and disgusting. But these jokes were a little too much for me. The penis jokes weren't funny, and Barney was barely even being the wonderful womanizer we know and love. I hope the next episode will bring a better Barney. 

-So, they said "Robin and Barney are not doomed", but it seems like they're going in another direction now, how is this going to work?
-Robin and Kevin will break up in the next episode...why?
-They said this season would be about the group. But it seems like its more about other characters. WTF. 



AndrewsMind said...

This was definitely a filler episode, theres no denying it, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it was bad. It was very funny, very interesting, and fit together perfectly. I loved it.

AndrewsMind said...

Oh, and did anyone notice how in S02E06 Aldrin Justice that Lily was briefly a beekeeper too?