Monday, January 2, 2012

Season 7, Episode 13: Tailgate

"I lost dreams I didn't even realize I had"-Robin 
And we are back! Good to see HIMYM again, although I'd be lying if I said I didn't have higher hopes. Either way, this was definitely a good episode. It was very funny, and the end was so cute. So, lets dive in.
I'll start with the Barney and Ted and Kevin part. Did you guys see that that was that (whew thats a lot to "thats") crazy bartender from "The Fight" because I didn't. Great callback though, as was "Puzzles." The main issue I had with it though is that we still don't know if Barney hates Kevin or not, and its like the Robin-Barney-Kevin love triangle is over. However, I have my theory on how thats going to work. I have a lingering suspicion that "Quinn" will enter the moment Robin breaks it off with Kevin, but thats just a guess. Anyway, I really enjoyed this segment. 
Next, the Robin and Sandy part. I don't buy Sandy Rivers AT ALL. To me, he's just mucho annoying. I'm still feeling bad for Robin and Barney. Both of them are obviously unhappy, especially Robin. And while being together might solve some of their issues, they both still have a long way to go. I'm also glad Robin is back on air! I did like her craptastic shows though. I'm almost upset she's going to be on a good one now :)

Finally, the Marshall and Lily part. This was one of those prime examples of why i LOVE this show. It started with a smack in the face and ended with an "awwww," thus making it one of the best parts of the episode. Though I did just realize how much time they wasted painting the nursery in their old apartment while watching this. The chicken salad sandwich and other mysterious enigmas kept me laughing. The tailgating thing was way nicer than I expected, too. Them watching the Viking reminded me of watching the Broncos yesterday (PLAYOFFS! Suck it losers!), and I love how Marshall and his brothers are so...brotherly. 

-"Why is it called puzzles?" "Thats the puzzle"
-The song! That was really awesome. Banging chicks in the "VIP room." That is sadly something I would fall for. 
-Slap Bet Board Game! 
-Shoplifter doesn't encourage crime, it celebrates it!
-"He stole my babysitting money for a board game called 'Who Stole The Babysitting Money' and never realized the irony in that"-Lily. 
-The Book of Mysterious Enigmas
-Why are the hats wet? I loved that. It cracked me up every time they said it. 

Episode number 150...."46 Minutes!" by B&T themselves!

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