Saturday, January 7, 2012

63 Reasons Why Robin is Barney's bride

I know you BR haters HATE when I post stuff like this...but I HAD to!
I was on fanpop yesterday and I found someone (j5fan1) who wrote out 63 (fairly long) reasons why the wedding is Barney and Robins.
I was amazed! This person is seriously dedicated! So, for ALL of you (not just BR fans!), here is the link (the text is clickable, so just click on it) :
Okay, here is the fixed link that should lead somewhere...thanks to that commenter: 
That one should be clickable, but if for some reason it's not, you can just copy and paste this:

See you all tomorrow!


Shrusti Tripathy said...

Hey, you link leads nowhere but since I was super curious to find it, I googled it out.
Part 1(Reasons 1 - 39):
Part 2(Reasons 40 - 63):

ripek said...

if u ask me robin's Ted's bride!
HIMYM doesn't work on logic.but the only reason I can say(if u call it a reason) is Ted's daughter.she is very similar to Robin,both hair and face!
of course, Ted deserves someone better than that b.i.t.c.h (sorry, I can stand it when she sleeps with anybody!).

Anonymous said...

I think barney marrys the girl who was in the bracket. The one at the very end when future Ted says "years later barney found out who that girl was, but more on that later" they haven't talked about since and Ted meets the wife In may 2012. Robin marrys her crush. Have you seen the end of "the exploding meatball sub" where they all have wedding rings on except Robin.