Monday, December 5, 2011

Season 7, Episode 12: Symphony of Illumination

"But there's one thing your Aunt Robin never was. Alone"-Ted
"Kids, have I ever told you the story of how i met your father?"-Robin
"If you wanna know the truth, I'm glad you guys aren't real"-Robin 
Wow. Okay. I'm actually really unsure of how I feel about this episode. I mean, it was definitely good, but I don't know.
If you weren't able to watch, the main idea was that we saw Robin's kids in the beginning, and she says Barney's the father. then we find out she's not even pregnant, and that she can't have kids. Then we find out the kids aren't even real. But whether or not she somehow has kids is an open question because according to Ted "she was never alone."

I'm going to be really unorganized with this post and just sorta say what I feel.
So, the Marshall part was actually really adorable....until the kid was evil. And I laughed when Lily gave him 50 bucks.
I could go on and on about that, but instead I'll go on and on about Robin and Barney.
They're not going to wind up together.
I know everyone was just like "what?! But you're the biggest RoBarn shipper in the world!" But this episode proved it to me. Maybe they'll still be friends. Maybe they'll have another backslide. But even though it was crystal clear in this episode that Robin really wants to be with Barney and he really wants to be with her. Even though Ted she was never alone, it was just one of those moments when you feel totally defeated because you know the perfect ending just isn't going to happen.
Maybe I'm just being negative, but as of now, I think Becki Newton might be replacing my favorite character (Robin.) sometime in the near future.
And, ya know, as sad as it was. I didn't actually break down about the whole Robin Barney thing until now. Maybe putting it so bluntly, that they won't ever be together, is really just as sad as I always thought it would be.

The thing is, though Robin WILL be around for a little while longer, with Becki Newton. So will Barney actually be forced to choose between Robin and "Quinn."
I also had a VERY long discussion about this episode with my good friend today, and her take on it was this:
Barney finds out about Robin not being able to have children, so he gives up on her and starts dating Quinn. While he's contemplating marrying Quinn, he realizes he still loves Robin, but he wants children so he can't be with her and be happy at the same time.
So in this scenario, the second half of this season will be about Barney choosing between being with the girl he loves, or having the future he wants.
B&T have definitely said that we're still not done with Barney and Robin yet...but will we ever be?
Hard to tell with these psycho BRo shippers :p
I'm getting skeptical. Read this Barney's Blog entry written by Matt Kuhn and tell me Robin and Barney won't end up together:

Greatest moments
-The kid eating a sandwich and giving Marshall a "thumbs up" (callback from "Robin 101")
-"Marshall keeps asking me to send pictures of my boobs"-Lily
-Both of the light shows were awesome :)
-I was SO upset when the kids disappeared. I noticed the son Barney and Robin could have had was wearing a suit, and that they were in Barney apartment...brought tears to my eyes.
-We're gonna hear a story about Robin being a bullfighter!
-"The result is disturbing"-Ted, talking about Clint dressing up as female Santa (Samantha Claus) with a beard.
-WTF happened to Kevin?

And, hey, honest to God...don't be afraid to comment! The stats for SBC have been OFF THE CHARTS this week and if every one of you commented you'd be reading a lot more thoughts than just mine so seriously...LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS!


NS said...

Nice review.... i did read on some website that Barney won't marry Robin or Nora.... now Nora is out of question.... so i think you are right....

Anonymous said...

Though I hate her, I kinda feel sorry for Robin. Though I can't wait to see what Quinn is gonna be like! RIP Nora :( :(

Мир4ето said...

Sorry , but I don't think is right to write the next episodes !!! You just can not be sure for Robin and Barney's future . I love this show, but sometimes is really confusing - you don't know if Barney is marring Robin or that girl from Ugly Betty ! The review was nice , but I am against this divination .