Thursday, December 8, 2011

The BRo Videos I've been making :)

And there are THREE MORE of them so prepare to bombarded. Since I recently half-decided to give up on my BRo dreams, I've been making a lot of montages to document their amazing history. My favorite is the last one, set to a Demi Lovato song (don't hate!) so I hope you all enjoy.
And I sincerely apologize for writing my own ending in the review. Maybe there's a reason why all the other HIMYM blogs are done by guys...I get way too emotional over TV.
Okay, make it FOUR because I just made another one while procrastinating studying for finals....
So, this one is tricky.
So, I watched "Hercules" like 12 times this weekend, and that movie is awesome, so I made a BR video with "I won't say I'm in love" and, I don't know if I like it....HIMYM can't do Disney, I don't think, but for the hell of it, here it is :)
And IF you couldn't figure it out, that's me singing, so sorry if I suck. It seems majoring in vocal music has not helped me as much as it should have haha.
So, I'm still unsure about that one but, ya know, I tried.

This first one kind of sucks, but try to not be too displeased. 

This one is OK-ish

Okay, here's the good one that youtube disabled the audio on like a rhymes-with-witch. I hate youtube. But lucky for you, you can still get audio because I'm moving from my computer to the blog, instead of from youtube, so lucky you.

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