Monday, November 7, 2011

Season 7, Episode 9: Disater Averted

"You didn't tell those guys about the 'other thing' that almost happened"-Robin
Yeah, yeah, you all know what I'm talking about!!!! Still, even before that INCREDIBLE, AMAZING, OUTSTANDING ending...I LOVED this episode! I mean, this didn't just make the list...It MADE the list what it is! This is why I LOVE HIMYM! Even if that awesomeness meant nothing....I can't wait to see what happens! I just threw all the pillows off my couch and found some confetti poppers I was so exited. This show has made my day! Seriously. That's how happy I am.

So, Marshall and Lily were awesome in this episode. I mean, they were so cute, and so like how they used to be. The fact that they made the baby in Barney's bathroom was a very funny touch. And Marshall cracked me up so much. with being a clingy Edgar Allen Poe.
Ted was so irrelevant, and I'm so anxious to start rambling soooo....
Barney and I DID NOT expect it. I mean, I knew the RoBarn episodes would explode all over the place in November but Kevin was there so I just though, ya know, whatever. And Barney was meeting Nora's parents and that was totally messing with my head too. Then Barney did that thing to Robin with her dad and I just though...oh...we've got some more to go before the big BRo revaluation ceremony. And even though that kiss MADE MY NIGHT there's still a ton of stuff that it fucked with, ya know. I think that I can say, for sure, Nora is out of the picture. I know Barney liked her a lot, but he liked Robin more, and when those feelings are coming up again...I just can't see him ignoring them, or things going back to normal. So, yeah, I guess Robin would have to leave the group. But I'd rather Robin and Barney just be together. And, next week is Kevin's last episode, so, as you can probably guess...he finds out, and I'm assuming he lets Nora know. And I guess that's good, because I do want to see those 'other candidates' they talked about...ya know...before he ditches them for Robin. I'm kidding, but this is all REALLY surreal for me. And, I always thought Robin and Barney were the best characters on the show. And I wanted them together from the first episode I saw ("Zip, Zip, Zip"). So, thanks, B&T, I'm handing the rest over to you. Thanks you so much for giving me one more moment of awesomeness <3
-That awesome kiss
-Marshall being Edgar Allen Poe
-Boy scout Ted...what a loser :p 
-So many others I couldn't for the life of me follow (I don't take notes on episodes...I find it lame.)

Tick, Tick, Tick by Chris Harris
No clue what to expect...ciao for now!
-Sam (PS:sorry my pics suck ass)

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