Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My BRo Video/ Further Thoughts on "Disaster Averted"

Hey!!! Well I've seen last nights episode about a hundred times today and I have a lot of stuff I did say! But first, I made my own Barney-Robin video today! So, here ya'll go!

So, there were a ton of great things in the episode that I didn't mention in my review. They are as follows:
1. The Bear! That busted me up so bad and I forgot to mention it! The first time I was like WTF, but after that I was laughing SO hard!
2. The boy scout jokes. Classic. A boy scout is always..."unpopular", "beaten up", "going to the movies with his mom"
And he's always prepared to spend lunch in his locker, die a virgin, and paint his sisters nails :)
3. "You're a tropical depression"
4. I mentioned this before, but Marshall makes the best Edgar Allen Poe EVER!
5. May I just say that Robin looked gorgeous in the cab, and Barney looked smoking hot in the rain? They're such a hot couple, no?
6. So, there were a lot of callback-like things in this episode. The cab ride kiss was a lot like the sandcastles one, and Robin's phone call with her dad was so much like Barney's phone call to Nora and that was crazy sweet. I really love these two together, but I guess I could understand people who don't agree. 
7. I know I already talked about the end a lot but after watching this episode twelve times in the past two days I have to say they really nailed it. This almost topped Sandcastles in the Sand...the ending was so solid. And yeah, I cried and smiled and threw all the pillows off my couch in triumph. Even if Robin and Barney aren't the wedding couple (and if they aren't I might die a little bit)...I definitely want to see some closure. And, hey, I said all I wanted was another BR hookup and I got it, so if they don't end up together, I'll try to keep the complaining to a minimum. Another thing: Barney started the kiss...not Robin. I've seen the episode 12 times in the past two days so I would know. It was like he couldn't take it anymore....I don't know maybe I'm being stupid.
8. One more thing! This is a theory someone else said on have-you-met-ted.com. The ducky tie is a metaphor for Nora. This is really gonna piss off all you Nora lovers but this really intrigued me. Ted says "hey at least it's not the ducky tie." AND the whole time he had it on he was with Nora, as soon as it comes off...BOOM he's back on Robin....literally. "I'm free!" may have been his way of saying "I'm free from this stupid tie which is a metaphor for my irritating GF." BUT, get this: the ducky tie returns, as we learned in "The Naked Truth" so does that mean Nora returns too? I almost feel like that would be a cool twist. But, I'm really, really, really sure it's a BRo wedding (oh, and by the way I think I found the most pathetic Robin Barney monaccer ever: Bobbin. whoever came up with that one should pay their therapist a visit...). I have even come up with a list of reasons (BRo haters, I am so sorry I'm putting you through this.):
1. The bride wanted to see Ted. Yeah, I know, that one seems WAY too obvious.
2. Nobody really BOUGHT Nora. I mean, some people liked her, but no one could see her being there for the remainder of the show. IF Barney isn't going to marry Robin, they better make her replacement pretty damn tolerateable.  
3. The BRo fans aren't going to get over BR very easily. Rather than forcing some random floosy upon us, they really should just keep most everyone happy. And BR are easy to love, so I think even haters will find peace with them. And, you have to admit, that last scene was really perfect, even if you hate BR. 
4. In an upcoming episode, we will see Robin's future children: a brunette girl and a blond boy. And who else is blond? Although, this may be a reason for it NOT to be Barney's children as well. I mean, it's like they're trying to say, yup, here's a dead giveaway, and then...BOOM...they drop the grenade on us. The grenade being some other blond jackass. 
5. The end of the ducky tie was a total giveaway for me. Ted said that them just being friends doesn't work out, and to most people that meant Robin leaves the group. But I think that would be too fucking depressing. To me, this painted a RoBarn ending. 
6. "Big Days." Ted wated the whole day to be great. It was SO important to him. Perhaps because two of his best friends were getting married? And in that episode Barney called Robin "super hot." and her sundress was white. 
7. I just can't see the group changing so drastically. I mean, three new members? If that happened they'd definitely need a bigger booth. Or they'd stop going to the bar...or Robin would leave. And, admit it, if any of those things happened it would fully mess up the dynamic of the show. 
8. I've been taking a good look through season 6 this past week, and I've got a few things to say about it. First of all, that was a GREAT season. I have no idea why I didn't see it before. It was emotional, funny, and probably one of the best seasons so far. Loved it! But, they were dropping BRo hints through the whole thing. As I said, there was the first episode, and the last episode, and that whole "maybe I've met her already" controversy. Butt that season had more BR episodes that any other. They were ALWAYS thrown together, and every time there was some great, emotional moment. Like in "Natural History" or "Baby Talk." They always had great moments.
9. FIVE seasons have been big on BR now. You really think they're gonna end it? 5 out of 7 seasons?
10. "They have the kind of chemistry that just doesn't go away."

Sorry. this is such a huge post, and I look like a freakin list-junkie or something. But, my brains been going crazy over this episode since Monday!
And, again, Barney and Robin both looked AMAZING in this episode :)

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