Monday, November 14, 2011

Season 7, Episode 10: Tick, Tick, Tick

"And for Barney, this was the second that would last forever"
Wow. I have never cried that much after an episode of "How I Met Your Mother" but this time, I just flipped. And just as I was getting over it, that last scene ripped my heart into a million pieces and scattered like the rose petals Barney had laid out on Robin's bed (I'm an awful poet, sorry.). 
I love HIMYM, but the fact that they just made me HATE one of my favorite characters, and quite frankly the character that is most like me, appearance wise, and personality wise, just killed me. I love Kevin, and I know a lot of other people do, too, but I just want him to be gone. And when Barney dumped Nora, I didn't scream "yes!", I actually got kind of wistful, like I would miss her. Graduation goggles, I guess. 

So, I'll start with Ted, Marshall, and Lily. Well, their segment definitely cracked me up, especially the sign thing. "Dude, it's a sign!" that was awesome. Then they kept getting into the ladies bathroom line, very funny. And I LOVED the sandwich callback. Hell, I love any callback. And, the creepy guitar guy...aka the sign...was very awesome when Ted and Marshall thought he was alive, too. And I'd like to brag that I totally called that the concert had just started, which is amazing because I never predict anything on HIMYM unless I read the spoilers, which is essentially all the time. Anyway, This segment started off kind of lame, but finished well :)

And, now, what we've all come to discuss, Barney and Robin. Me, I'm just sad. I'm pissed at Robin (and called her a few not-so-nice-names.), but I'm mostly just really upset. So, here's my question to the Barney Nora lovers/ Robin-Kevin lovers...or, ya know what...just make that Robin-Barney haters.
1. Did you feel that same ping in your chest when you saw Barney cleaning all that stuff out of Robin's room? Or when you saw Kevin walk in behind Robin?
2. Are you starting to have a new outlook on BR? Do they seem any more compatible to you?
Probably no on both, but I think that's what B&T are aiming for, because they have a RoBarn plan in mind. And I know that seemed damn obvious at first...but now Kevin's screwing with it. And speaking of Kevin...does he know Robin cheated?
Nora, I actually felt awful for, and liked a hell of a lot more that Kevin...and Robin, this episode. You could tell she still wanted Barney even after she knew he cheated, and Barney gave her up for a selfish bitch with ZERO guts to tell a stupid therapist who doesn't love her as much as Barney that she needs to break up with him! 
I was in tears at the end of this episode, but something's occurring to me now, Ted and Barney discuss a life changing decision in next week's episode...and Ted has caught onto Barney's feelings for Robin because he caught him cleaning all the candles and stuff out of her what life changing decision will they be discussing...and who's the "Rebound Girl?"...But despite the traumatic ending to this, there is some good news: Barney's single again!!!

and i hate that Robin said the same thing to both Barney AND Kevin!!!!!!!!!


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robinsparkles14 said...

Wow...would you mind elaborating on that a little? As much as it uppsetted (not sure if that's a word) me, it was a great ep...why did you hate it so much?

Adam Dempsey said...

Was enjoying the start of the episode anyway but it turned out to be a great one! The look on Barneys face!

Can wait to see if Ted brings it up with Barney next week and what his story to cover will be.

This is HIMYM back to it's best!

AndrewsMind said...

I loved the Ted & Marshall scenes, but I hated that bitch Robin...I mean, she broke Barney's heart, and I just don't like that.