Saturday, September 17, 2011

Season 7 episode 1: The Best Man Clip LEAKED

Hey, so I have more clips for you. :)
All I ask is: whats going on with Robins hair lately? she's such a pretty girl, I don't know why she keeps changing it. It looked best in season 2 :)
Aw man! this one really gave me some doubts about it being Robin. I don't know why. It's just as soon as he says: "would I have been happier with the other tie?" I screamed "YES!" but I refuse to let this clip shatter my spirit. I'm a proud Robin-Barney shipper still. By the way, someone told me a new nickname for Barney-Robin: BRo. I like it. It's better than "RoBarn."
OH MY GODDDD!! I feel like they're trying to torture me. This is my favorite clip they have. Very sexy dance, no? Do you think Nora is at the wedding? If so, wouldn't she be kind of mad about this dance? You can see Lily isn't, though.

Well, two days till the premiere and thats two days I'll spend going oot of my mind! I'm also hoping SBC can break 1000 visitors before the premiere so help me guys! Anyway,  my birthday was on Wednesday and my best friend got me a copy of the playbook so I'll be reading that over the weekend. I'm also going to use my grandma's birthday money to finally buy my favorite season (3).
So I've got a pretty packed two days :)
Peace out hombres :)

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