Monday, August 8, 2011

Season 6, ep. 23: Landmarks

So, its over. Goodbye Zoey. (and hey! its our old pal Artillery Aurthur). We all knew it was coming.
I took this as Ted having to choose between Barney and Zoey. And I think Robin explaining to him that him and Zoey weren't going to last really helped Ted come to his senses. I think it was obvious what he would have to do. You know what bugged me, though? When Barney left the group the only person who even talked to him was Robin, which I guess is sweet and everything but still. That really made me kind of sad.
I am really happy Ted realized that he had to say no. It would've sucked to see Barney unemployed and have to wait even longer for Ted to design a freaking skyscraper. The thing with Zoey also reminded me of that episode "The Front Porch." I don't think anyone could picture Zoey on the front porch with Ted, Lily, and Marshall. Hell, I bet Barney and Robin will be there too.

But we do get to see Ted build his building, and this should lead us up to something great in the finale.
Thoughts in "Landmarks?"

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