Monday, August 8, 2011

Season 6 finale: Challenge Accepted

Hey guys I apologize for losing all your poll votes. I'm so sorry. Damn computer. You can vote again, though.
AND, I know this is an HIMYM blog, but I would like to confirm that they ARE killing Charlie Harper off Two and a Half Men. I know, its a load of crap. But Ashton Kutchers a hottie, so I guess I'll watch. By the way, ironic fact: The HIMYM premiere is at a wedding, Two and a Half Men is at a funeral. Charlies funeral. And they premiere on the same day...

Okay! Wow. There is a LOT to discuss, huh. Well, lets start with the most insignificant part, Ted. I wasn't happy to see Zoey again. I thought we were finally rid of her. Shes a bit annoying, you know. So, I'm pretty sure thats the end of Zoey. I found their relationship to be a little like Victoria and Ted. Except...worse. So, I'm glad Ted has fantastic friends like Robin and Barney to stop him from doing things like getting back together with Zoey.
This brings me to an important point. Robins face as shown in this picture. What do you think it means? Right now the most popular answer seems to be "she still loves him." To me, this is great, and should bring some really interesting stuff next season. But more on that later. That cab ride scene brought tears to my eyes, I wanted them to kiss so badly instead of just sit there. I was watching this with my friend who said "OMG! Robin and Barney..." I yelled at her, "shut up! you'll jinx it!!!!" Because I'm crazy. I was so sure they were going to get back together. But I also knew from spoilers I'd read that Nora would appear in the episode. And that was killing me. Then, of course, there she was. Just standing on the street. If you're like me, the ideas of who Barney will marry have been picking at your brain all summer. And, if you're like me, the thing throwing off all your theories is Robin crush. Now, there are a couple things that make me sure Nora is not Barney's wife. The first is that Barney said "Do you want to get a cup of coffee with me sometime?" and if you recall, every time Ted said that he got back together with the wrong girl. But the main reason I think that, not only is it not Nora, it's Robin, is this: Can you honestly see three new members to the gang? Teds wife, whoever Robin ends up with, and Barneys wife? I can't.  But who do you think he'll end up with?
Finally, of course, Lily's finally pregnant! Wow! I know everyone called it, but I sure didn't. I was totally shocked when came in holding a pregnancy test. That was the "ohhhhh!" moment for me. I'm not sure what will happen with pregnant Lily. The creators said it would be good though, so I'm exited. Plus, that means we'll get to see Ted in the green dress soon!

Thats all for now! See you next season! Thoughts on "Challenge Accepted?"

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