Friday, August 5, 2011

Season 6, ep. 18: A Change of Heart

Oh hell yes!!!!!! In your face, Nora!!! Now he's gonna end up with Robin, and you can have some douche of a British guy instead!  Thats the end of you! What now!?!

Okay. I apologize for that. Now we can focus on the episode. I saw this episode about two days late, so i asked my sister to tell me what happened. All she said was that Robin dated a guy who acted like a dog. So, I really wasn't expecting much when I logged onto two days later.
Alright. I could blabber on about Robin and Scooby, and that whole thing was very amusing, but we all know this episode was really about Barney and Nora.
I am not a fan of Nora. And I don't think that any of you can honestly say that her taking care of him when he was sick DIDN'T remind you of Robin in "How Lily Stole Christmas." AND that dinner in that restaurant didn't remind you of Robin and Barney in "Do I Know You?" I was really noticing Robin things in this episode.
And now, for this recaps big twist ending!:
I cried when the camera turned and Barney was standing behind the door instead of sitting with Nora. I felt so crazy that I believed it had really happened, and then I felt so sad. I went home and learned that song at the end (Stones-Barbarossa.) on the piano. I mean, they seriously got even the most adimate  RoBarn (Okay, someone come up with a new nickname please) fans like me, to feel sad about Barney and Nora not being together. God, How do they do that!?!? But after the episode, I realized I was totally cool with this ending, and hoped it would be the last of Nora. So did you think that was the end of her? Or was it merely the beginning of a greater story?

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