Thursday, August 4, 2011

season 6, ep. 16: Desperation Day

Sorry I'm falling behind. Bear with me, I've only got eight of these left. Sorry guys.

Well, because I'm an opinionated bitch, I hated this episode. And not because it was bad. It wasn't It was a good, well rounded episode. And I liked it when I first saw it. Then I went back and looked over "Sandcastles in the Sand" which is one of my all time favorite episodes. And if you know me, you know why. I also looked at all the Barney-Robin episodes in season 4 and 5 (not "The Rough Patch" that episode was a piece of crap.). After that, I couldn't see Barney with anyone but Robin. And thats why Nora has always pissed me off.
But more on that late. Lets talk about Marshall and Lily. The Marshpillow was really funny. Body pillow "I'm not a lunatic." that made me laugh. So, I guess Marvin's death was harder on Marshall than it showed. This episode really hit hard with the whole dead dad thing.
Okay, I could sit and talk about Marshall and Lily and Ted, but I know thats not what this is about. (Oh yeah! Ted. British Morning Socks, what a loser :p)

So what did YOU thin of Nora? I mean, everyone knows what I think so I'd rather hear your opinion. More than that, I'd like to know WHY you like her since I obviously don't. I guess she's an okay person, but in my opinion shes a better match for Ted than Barney. To be totally honest, I wish she was the mother because I can seriously picture her with Ted. But since thats not going to happen, how'd you like her?
Other thoughts on "Desperation Day?"

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