Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Season 6, ep. 15: Oh, Honey

Alright, this is my last recap of the day. Damn, these can get really exhausting lol. Or maybe I'm just incredibly nonathletic...oh well, if you're under 140lbs something must be working.
Okay, so I think I'm going to start this off with the Barney part. I love when he rewrites events. His version is always better than how it really happens. So, I was kind of amused by the whole thing where he said "whos your daddy?" to Honey, and she said "whos YOUR daddy" and he proceeded to cry like a small child.  I was pretty dang exited to see Barneys dad, and we knew from "Natural History" who his dad was. I guess this just kind of reinforced that.
Now, on to Honey. I thought it was cool that they had Katy Perry on the show. It definitely got a lot of my guy friends to watch. And, its ironic that they had her on such a significant episode. I also was very amused at the fact that she played the role of a complete airhead. That really brought me some good laughs. And, I definitely thought the "I'm gonna be on Lost!" moment was utterly hysterical (even though i had ti have it explained to me.).

Okay, I am aware that many other things happened in this episode. Such as Marshalls family getting in on the phone calls, and other stuff with Robin. And all that was well and good, but what we're really left with here is Ted and Zoey. A lot of people were calling them Zoed, but I'm thinking of going with Zoesby. I wish I could take credit, but somebody else came up with it. Okay, so Ted and Zoey were together, and Zoey got a divorce with the Captain, which I don't get. The Captain is way awesomer than Ted. I hoped this wasn't the end of the captain because that guy has been the highlight of this season. Lol. The Captain. Okay, so I'm going to shut up about the Captain and just focus on Ted and Zoey. Zoesby. Or maybe Zoed. What did you think would happen with them. Did you think Zoey would wind up being more important?
So, thoughts on "Oh Honey?"

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