Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Season 6, ep. 13: Bad News

Well, I was at a friends house for the past two days so I haven't put anything up, but I'm gonna do like three recaps today, I promise.
Anyway, this episode was really interesting. I'm not going to dive into the dead dad part right away though. Alright, so I was never really a fan of the whole doppelgangers thing. I mean, they didn't even bring it up until season 5, which i think is kind of ridiculous. Also, the season 5 finale really turned me off to the whole idea. So, I'm kind of glad they're done with it. But I have to admit, this episode did a much better job with the idea of doppelgangers than any of the season 5 ones.

Okay, I'm not really sure how i feel about them telling us that Marshall and Lily would get pregnant in "The Mermaid Theory." I know I didn't like that they told us in "Last Cigarette Ever" but I guess I understand that they had to reassure the audience so people wouldn't lose interest. Still, I think they should have kept some of the mystery alive, but maybe thats just me.
Finally, Marshall's dad. This really did come as a shock to me, and it also explained the name of the episode. I saw on another blog that maybe Marshall and Lily would name their baby Marvin, after Marshalls dad. But a lot of people didn't like that idea.
So what did you think of "Bad News?"

By the way, I watched "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" last night. Hilarious movie. Jason Segal is amazing.

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